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I watched this the other day. He’s not the warmest and approachable person. I found the information interesting.

He has a bit of gruffness but certainly isn’t afraid to spend money for a limited cause. It sounds like guitar amps are the primary small tube market with the audio market being secondary.
The processes (partially) described help explain the high cost of vacuum tubes in the 21st century. I think he said there were 55 or so steps in the production process.
He also mentioned that other than some new technologies available they haven’t changed the general methods of manufacture and every time they stray off course they end up back doing what was originally proven out many years ago.
It is also interesting that they bought the small tube assembly line from one of the USSR countries.

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Like flotsam on the airwaves, this just floated up in the algorithm.
A very interesting and informative bit of history.

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Interesting. I am looking forward to the follow-up videos.

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An undeniable “Beast” of an amp.


Interesting vid on sounds physical properties.

Hot Rod Stuff!


Interesting interview with one of the DSD pioneers

Part 2

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I could listen to Lukather and these guys for days - they need a regular weekly session!
Rick Beato has a Lukather interview too - that one’s is queued up next!

It’s impossible not to love this guy…
What a great life.

This is deep stuff.


We listened to this podcast on the drive from NC to Florida. Yea, it takes that long.

We are longtime supporters of Andrew, and have followed Harris for years.

I found the discussion lacked tight focus overall, with more than a few minkholes*, but these are difficult topics to explain without a lot of background and qualifiers. How best to explain the ineffable? Overall, it’s well worth the listen.

  • Minkholes being ratholes that feel good.

Both Huberman and Harris are trying to make available ideas and tools that would benefit humanity, and are making those available to all, at no cost.

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Huberman is obviously very intelligent and well educated. I enjoy his ability to explain the unexplainable to mere mortals like me in an easy to understand non-condescending way.

A couple of years ago I had to lose a bunch of weight for medical reasons. That led me to study diet, nutrition, vitamins, supplements and things of that nature. The process led me to a few youtubers and he was one of them.

You need to have some time as all of his podcasts are long but I have started from #1 and slowly working my way through them.

He is certainly well appreciated by me. I had not heard of Harris before now but he seems like another good one to follow.

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