Nuvistor tubes vs classic vacuum tubes

I was just curious to hear what people think of the nuvistor tubes vs the traditional glass vacuum tubes? Sonics?

I was looking at the new Musicial Fidelity Nu-Vista phono preamp which uses 4 nuvistor tubes.

I recall the they have excellent specs and linearity. The are tiny.

I assume you are committed to this tube and cannot try anything else if your equipment uses them.

Kevin from Upscale claims they can be swapped or rolled.

Interesting. With what? They are so small I expect there are few candidates.

I’d think all you need is an adapter and you’d be good to go.

Anyone tried it yet?


No question an adapter is necessary. :slight_smile:

I am thinking that it would be hard to find room in the unit to swap in a much larger tube.

A fun little article:

Sorry, I thought the question was using the smaller tube in place of the one needed in the larger volume. Then, yeah, all you need is an adapter. The other way around, not so much . . . …

Fun! I had not thought of going your direction. This would be really interesting as they nuvistor is said to be very linear and to otherwise be an excellent tube.

Is anyone even making these any more?

The Musicial Fidelity Nu-Vista phono preamp sounds nice. Super quite. I only wish it had a tad more gain for super low MC carts. Sadly my cart is only .25 MV out

So I have to decide whether it’s better to sell it for another pre or replace the cart with another slightly higher output