Grant Fidelity dropping PSVANE Tubes this weekend

read the drama here: For Immediate News Release: Grant Fidelity will discontinue the entire Psvane line as of 8pm MST, Feb 7th, 2021 – Premium Vacuum Tubes

I just sent back a pair of the newer version of their 12AU7 ‘art’ series (a US reseller not Grant). Not happy at all in the BHK preamp (hiss in one channel regardless of swapping L/R) which tells me they are not balanced.

Sounds like they’ve been producing sub par for some time now based on this story/rant.

Sadly …I saw this coming some time ago…

Hopefully this won’t affect Paul and team!

Articles 3 and 4 of this news item from Grant Fidelity
handwriting on the wall ?

Anyone that been around tubes for a while would have steered clear of these tubes. I’ve had amps shipped to me, brand new and fitted with Psvane tubes. I was ready to send the amps back until I changed the tubes and realized the issue. These are budget tubes with corners cut at the expense of the community.

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I thought someone said PS Audio is also using the newer Art variant as well. Curious when or if they’ll move to a new standard tube.

This is the real reason why :

Grant Fidelity response #4 : We refuse to be cyber-censored by anyone for our freedom & obligation of providing objective, fact based product information to our customers’ repetitive of inquiry of ‘Which one should I buy – Psvane or Linlai™?’. Grant Fidelity is NOT a puppet to any supplier.

New Sensor under their Tung-Sol, Genalex and Mullard labels are among the best new production tubes IMO. Might be an avenue worth pursuing.


My dealings with GF over several years was not the best experience.

Twice I ordered 2 matched pairs of “A” grade CV181-TII at a cost of $600.
Both times received 1 well matched pair and a pair that in no way could be considered matched.

I can’t recall the name of the woman that I had to work with each time.
Every time I had to contact her the dialogue did not go well.

My testing equipment was inferior to theirs, I did not know what I was talking about, yada yada yada …
Even though I could measure that 1 pair was fine and the other was not.

Always after debate I was able to return 1 pair for a replacement.
After the same problem a second time I stopped dealing with them.

You are all missing the point as to why Grant Fidelity
dropped Psvane Tubes…

It is as a the “hand writing on the wall”…

Just look at current events…

Hey Joe,

You and in my .02 are quite correct…

However given the turmoil ideologically world wide…
tubes will increasingly be handicapping audio gear mfg.
for the same reasons that Grant Fidelity dropped
Psvane Tubes

This should serve as advance warning…of things

It would be advisable for PS Audio to rethink the tube route
on their BHK lines…

What Darren Myers accomplished with the tube input with his designs
is an outstanding world class accomplishment …yet the very same can
be accomplished with ss thus avoiding the harbinger. John Curl did for
Parasound and wisely so…

How I wish these were not happening…

Best wishes everyone…be wise

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To be honest, I do not think many will care where their products are made if prices fit within one’s budget. I do admit, I try to avoid China made products when I can. With that, my BHK pre sounds more full with Gold Lions. My previous RP-5 (Rogue) cam with JJ’s, which I thought sounded fine. I had other issues with the pre, plus you have to take off the entire chassis cover to change tubes.

I’ve been listening to new production Gold Lion 12AU7s (platinum matched) in my BHK Pre and must say they beat the pants off the stock Psvanes. I didn’t care for the Psvanes in the first place. My reaction to Grant Fidelity cutting ties with Psvane is good for them for standing tough on their business principles and Ciao Baby! to Psvane. With competition from New Sensor, which is frankly producing a better 12AU7, Psvane losing a major distributor is cutting it’s noise off despite it’s face. For sourcing production tubes I don’t see that PSA or PSA owners have anything to worry about.

Hey friend it seems that you missed the point altogether…

The point is about being strong armed …cyber censure and bullying…

To their credit Grant Fidelity is standing strong in their stance against such…
Kudos to Grant Fidelity!!!

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Interesting. last week I received my order of 12au7 “Art” series from Grant Fidelity. They’re quiet, and maybe a little less “rambunctious” that the originally supplied 12au7 Psvanes in my BHK Pre. But nothing all that special. I will re-visit them, of course.

Chi coms…can’t live with 'em, can’t live without 'em (or can I? I think so).

We should and can live without 'em…

Agree 100%.

Not defending China, but these sort of shenanigans , fighting for favorite or dominant position with representation is standard practice in business and on every level.


I don’t know if PS Audio is shipping BHK Pre and M1200 with the new 12AU7S already. But replacement tubes that I purchased from PS Audio are new 12AU7S.

Just ordered a pair of GL platinum (don’t know what that means) 12AU7 for BHK. I’ll let you know if they better the stock ones in the pre.