Nuwave DSD Lights with USB

I just built a Roon server connected USB to the Nuwave DSD. When the USB cable is connected the lights for USB stay on constantly. If only connected to the CD player, the lights work normally, only coming on when in use.

My question is, how to get the lights to work as they do for other inputs. Or, if this is as good as it gets, is there any problem with the lights on the DSD staying on all the time? I realize the unit is always on, but don’t want to create heat or burn out the lights with them on all the time.

Love the Roon.

Thanks in advance,

Those are just little surface mount LEDs and will probably last longer than I’m alive. Also, don’t worry about any heat coming from them either. The amount of heat they produce is negligible.

Thanks, James. So no way to turn them off? I also have to manually select Coax for the CD now since it is stuck on USB.

No way to turn them off. There’s no standby with the DAC nor is there a receiver for any remote commands. The auto select feature may not work while you have the USB connected as USB is always sending info while there is a handshake. It would work if you were to turn the computer off.

Thanks, James,

Interestingly, I have a USB cable with separate cables for signal and power. The signal cable turns on the USB light and the power cable turns on the PCM light.