NuWave Phono Converter v Hegel V10 Phonostage

Here in Europe and Great Britain the Hegel brand is getting a lot of chatter, especially the new V10 Phonostage. So I decided it may a good replacement for my NuWave Phono Converter.
The V10 was borrowed for a home demo and suitabley installed in my system. It sounded very good and detailed but it didn’t bring the hair up on the back of my neck, if anything I felt it was a little flat. (it was my dealers display model and was burned-in).
I replaced the NuWave to its shelf and started to spin some more vinyl. Welcome back the wonderful and musical dynamics that I’m used too.
I don’t use the ADC part as I find that a bit of a PITA but the Phonostage is truly excellent and was exceptional value for money.
I’m looking forward to trying the new Phonostage that Darren is working on as I think the Stella showed a good work in progress but is not quite there.