NuWave Phono does the US version run on 50 Hz?

Hi, I am new here. I live in the Netherlands where the AC voltage is 230 V with 50Hz. I own a PS Audio Directstream DAC and just bought a BHK Signature 250 power amp that will arrive in a couple of weeks. I will directly connect the BHK to the Directstream which I will use as a preamp. My speakers are the Sonus Faber Stradivari.
Though I do not frequently listen to vinyl records (with my Well Tempered Lab Simplex turntable and Ortofon Quintet Bronze cartridge), I want to keep the possibility to do so. Therefore I bought a PS Audio NuWave Phono that I will connect to the Directstream. However that NuWave Phono is a US version with 110V so I will buy a small stepdown voltage converter (from 230V to 110V).
My question is if – making use of such a converter that converts the Voltage, but not the frequency – the US NuWave Phono will run properly on 50Hz.
I look forward to reading any reactions.

Welcome! Beautiful system there! Yes, one you step the voltage down to 120, it will be able to run on 50hz. Enjoy!

Thank you very much Jamesh!

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Hi Jamesh,

If I am right you are an empoyee of PS Audio. If not please et me know.

Yesterday I received the Nuwave Phono from the US seller, a lawyer in Oregon.

Luckilly It works well with a stepdown transformer.

But… the seller packed the device in a realy real flimsy way, namely in an ordinary - to large - carton box, without any styrofoam elements or other solid protective elements. It is a real miracle that the device works!
As a result of that bad packeging damage occured during transportation. There is a slight crease in the bottom at the left end. And as a result of that the left side of the inner steel casework has shifted a few millimeters downwards. This is easy to see because that left side does not reach the same height as the back, while the right side does.
If you look at the device from the back, you can also see that the left side of the device deviates as a result of that fold at the bottom, whereas the right side does not deviate.

The deviation was immediately noticed by me as the top plate did not completely run flat. There is an ajar at the end of the left sidewall between that left side and the topplate.

Now my question is, apart from the possibility of sending the device back to the seller, if it would be possible to buy just an inside steel casework for the Nuwave Phono from PS Audio, in order to mount the parts of the damaged device in a new case. Do you know if that would be possible?

I hope you can help me.

Seasons greetings,

Dick van Werven
The Netherlands

I am sorry to hear about this! James is enjoying some time off. Unfortunately, that product has long ago been discontinued and we no longer have any chassis parts for it. Wish we had better news.

Thank you very much for your prompt answer Paul. Sorry to hear that there are no chassis parts anymore, but that is completely understandable.
I look forward to ordering your Audiophiles Guide, though I have not seen it at Amazon yet. Meanwhile I really enjoy your daily videos, and of course your outstanding products. And: look forward to receiving my BHK 250!

Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas. Stay healthy!