NuWave Phono Converter with a DAC

Can I run a digital-out from the NuWave Phono Converter to a Digital-in in my DAC? I thinking specifically If I by a PS audio DAC and the NuWave Phono Converter can I get away without a Preamp until I can afford one? I’m currently running Red Dragon Leviathan Mono-blocks into Monitor Audio Gold 300’s

Yes. The i2s output, in particular, is very good and will work with your plan. Be aware, however, that the analog output of the NPC is superior to the digital.

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This was the very reason I purchase an NPC. My Directstream DAC is my preamp in my system. It sounds incredible playing records this way. If you connect it to a computer you can use vinyl studio to create recordings of the records that after the software processing sound better than the original. No more ticks and pops! I have mine linked to the DAC I2S.

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Snowmass is such and ear opener and I am happy to report that my records played through the NPC and the Directstream now at Snowmass give me all the same benefits of sound that Snowmass has been providing from my digital sources. They have never sounded better!



I’m picking up a Nuwave and a BHK Pre and had just assumed i2s from the Nuwave into the DS was the way to go.

Guessing with a good pre like the BHK the Nuwaves analogue output can better do it’s thing?

I don’t agree that the analog output sounds better than the i2s output or any of the other digital outputs. But the DAC you feed the digital signal is ofcourse of great importance here.

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I’m using the DS Sr and BHK Pre. I find the analog outs on the NPC to be superior.

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I’m only using DSJ and find that to be a better option than the analoge XLR output. I don’t have a preamp any longer because of this I can run the DSJ straight into the poweramp (Bryston 4B3). (Used to have a Bryston BP 17-3 preamp.)

But I get the best result by using DSD64 and/or PCM 24/96 from the NPC. Those “lower” res gives better result than using DSD128 or PCM 24/192

Think Paul said that 24/96 was the sweet spot in his opinion?

I have the same and agree. Analog phono out is better.


Thank you to everyone for these informative answers. It will be nice to save up for a BHK pre and get one when I can afford it but at the same time be able to play my LPs now. :wink:

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Anyone compare their Nuwave to other phonostages prior to buying the PSA unit?
Reviews are good, but wondering about real world opiniins of it as comoared to others.


I compared it to my ASR Mini Basis MK3, and the ASR sounded better on the analog output. I think The NuWave comes closer on the digital output. A bit meatier sound on the ASR.

But since I could skip the Pre amp and get this good sound on all digital, I’m happy :slight_smile:

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I updated mine to firmware 0.55, but that seems to break the display timeout. The light keeps turning on while adjusting volume etc. so had to roll back to 0.54.

Anyone know what the changes in 0.55 is? Should it give better sound or anything?
Release notes would be great on the updates.

Did not notice any change in SQ.