Nuwave Phono Converter - no coax digital output

I’ve just bought a used NuWave Phono Converter, which works fine with analog outputs, but the coaxial digital output seems to be dead. I’ve tried it with two different DACs and two different cables which work fine in their normal system positions. I set the NPC output to PCM, 96kHz and 24bits which I know if fine with both DACs.

I’m wondering if I’ve missed something simple in the setup to turn on the coaxial digital output? I hope the unit’s not faulty.

Many thanks for any guidance on this.

By chance I’ve solved the problem - pressing the ‘reset’ button on the rear panel brought the coax digital output into action. So, all is good!


Like with most PS stuff… Always press RESET first… In 99% it will work after that… Hahaha

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That was pretty fast. Thanks for letting us know that fixed it. Sometimes a reset can work wonders!

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Same solution worked.

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I’m quite impressed by this NPC, running digits into a Lyngdorf TDAi-2170. Best performance seems to be with NPC sampling rate set to 48kHz and 24bits - increasing the ADC sampling rate to 96kHz seems to rob some ‘life’ from the music.


I like mine a lot. I used to run the balanced output into my ZTPRE balanced preamp, but now I run I2S into my DSD and use the single rate DSD. Really like the sound.

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