Obsidian Power Plant

I am wondering if the next Power Plant should have a circuit at the input which filters out DC. The purpose would be to ensure that the transformer does not buzz when there is incoming DC.

I solved my DC problem with this thing:


And I,mine, with this one. Marvelous.


Man, the Burmester components are gorgeous! Meticulous design and build, just killer…

I have long lusted after a 777 preamp

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Agree, but not all of his/their designs are equally great. I had for instance 4 956Mk2 power amps to balanced bi amp my DYI ribbon/speaker system, but I had to terminate them for their noise. My speakers are ridiculously sensitive so one could hear everything. I ended up building my own amps with the help of AMB. Now there is only sound when I play music…
Now this power conditioner is something else. They patented a means of counter acting the DC on the net, something like noise canceling. That really works, you can hear the humming fade away as soon as you enable that system. Mine is here for just that: removing DC. The PS Audio P20 and P12 are making the best power available to mankind, but without the Burmester even Paul’s equipment starts humming like crazy…

Question for you if you don’t mind…

Is the Burmester placed in front of or after (so to speak) the PSA regenerators in your system?

Thanks in advance.


Good question…! It is not in the system at all. It is very close to the system though. I only use it for DC removal and that works basically thru the entire house. This one shares the same power outlet as both PSA power plants…

Interesting…akin to plugging PSA Noise Harvesters or other brands’ noise busters into sockets on the same circuit as the audio kit, I guess (but ostensibly at a whole-other level of performance/effectiveness)…


It has a display that gives you the voltage it is sending out. During work hours it’s really bad (3-6mV), evenings and weekends are way better (0-2mV). Besides I have my own 100+ server data center in the building that has it’s own power connection but never the less still hurts power quality.

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