New product? - DC Power Plant?


With the continued growth of PC based music systems, there are more and more products being powered by cheap wallwart and brick DC switch mode power supplies from 5-19V. I recently replaced the power supply for my Atom based music server with a 19V, 6A linear one from Taiwan. As expected, the improvements were clearly audible. This got me thinking that it would be a logical product extension of the Power Plant series if PS Audio introduced a DC line. It would be cool if each outlet could be configured to output 5, 12, or 19V. Max amps needed would be about 6A at each outlet.



@tboooe That is a very cool idea.


PS Audio could also develop a line of DC power cables to go with the DC Powerplants. They could develop ones with the various barrel connectors (5.5/2.5mm, 5.5/2.1mm, etc).


Fabulous idea


Giver her a go Paul!


Looking for something new, or something Nu? :)) Alas, there is nothing Nu here (yet). As cool an idea as this is, and I do like it, I fear that this market may actually be a bit small for PS Audio - even as big as we think it is. Still worth a mention. The NPS (NuWave Power Supply). Can’t be PerfectWave for several reasons. One is that there really should be NO waves in DC. Another is that the NuWave chassis is much more suited to the task and much cheaper too.

Hey! This could be the Baby PowerBase! :smiley: Aren’t most DC powered components small too?



Well even if its a small market PS Audio would be opening up its other products to a whole new set of users. No doubt, someone who would be interested in a DC Power Plant would also find need for other products like AC cords, Power Plants, etc.

wingsounds13 said: . . . there really should be NO waves in DC.



Fellas, This is exactly why I joined this site! Few others seem to realize the importance of power, even if it is DC. Now, it is worth mentioning that not all the wall warts produce DC voltage. Some just transform AC down to, say, 12v, where it fed into a rectifier/regulator in the connected component. Regardless, I feel that there is a very real need for such a product. In fact, I only use a DC powered pre-amp, and have thought many times how I might use DC in other parts of my system. This thought is a little off track, but the idea of a DC block power source still stands.


As I see this idea and have some expensive power supplies . I do not see the value in making them as ad dons to equipment that is not ps audio. If there would be one device it would need to be multiple voltages. I almost bough one that had three different voltage outputs. But they do make a big difference in sound .

Al. D