Occasional clipping/clicking sounds on left channel

Hi -

From some mix of sources / inputs / songs - I am getting some occasional clipping/clicking sounds on the left channel of my sound setup. I am trying to isolate the issue, but having difficulty and wondering if you had any ideas, if it could be something in the analog part of the amp.

Tried a bunch of things isolating.

– Switching speakers left/right the issue is on the same side/channel

– Fixing banana plugs a bunch, reconnecting. Haven’t tried new cables or new banana plugs yet (but will do the latter soon)

Issues occur:

– Source: Rega RP3 - new/old records - shows up with deeper bass and layers on radiohead LPs like In Rainbows (probably a heavy complex load). Could this be a weight balancing issue on the arm?

– Source: Bluetooth - also similar type of music. Complex layers, deep bass. Could this be loss in quality (as aptx isn’t being used)

Other potential issues:

– Have lots of devices nearby… could there be electrical interference (using a electrical wired ethernet adapter to get internet into the room)

– Speaker cable near TV / media devices?

– Amp is near right speaker and the turntable?

– Turntable is on a glass table on a wood floor about 3 fee from speakers (on a different surface - old wooden crate).

Lots going on here! Thanks for any ideas and help!



Hi Jared, indeed lots going on here. You say whatever you do it stays on the same side? Does that mean if you swap the left and right speaker cables, the clicking remains in the same channel?