Arrrrg! (just moaning)

The recent Torreys update got me inspired, and I’m now in the middle of an upgrade cycle; wires, room treatment, lots of little tweaks.

So naturally, my Classe Omega Reference amp picks this as the time to have a channel fail. It’s got to go back to Montreal, so I’m probably looking at a month. Gotta defer that Iconoclast cable trial, etc., etc.



I hate when that happens.

Just so y’all know where the idiot lives, after obtaining an RMA from Classe and installing a loaner amp this afternoon, the left speaker still didn’t speak. Finally tracing the problem to its source, I discovered that one of the spades at the speaker was disconnected, and lying loose on the floor. The cleaning lady must have bumped it hard enough to loosen the Boccini connector on the speaker, and the lug fell off today.

This substantially reduced the volume from that speaker, of course, leading me to conclude that the amp had a dead channel…



I hate when that happens too. Something similar has happened to all of us, I suspect.