Occasional ugly noise from DS

@tedsmith, do you know what could be causing the ugly burst of noise I frequently get from my DirectStream? It’s almost as if the thing generates a noise burst when it unlatches from a particular sample rate. It didn’t used to do it.

That isn’t a common symptom in Snowmass. (I haven’t heard it yet.) In general, if anything people complain about the muting of transitions like sample rate changes in Snowmass. (The mute is way too long.)

Is there anything else that accompanies the problem?

I assume you are using the bridge? It is an issue that they are supposed to be working on

No, not that I’ve observed.

Yes, I am. I guess others must have experienced it too then.

Yeah start looking in this thread around this post. There are other threads too.

Damage? It’s hardly that. It’s just a little burst of sound.

Sorry, I assumed you weren’t using the Bridge. There are definitely some case like that with the Bridge. I can’t help much with the Bridge, except to recommend version 3.0.6 if you aren’t already using it.

Yeah - I’m using 3.0.6.