DirectStream Junior Snowmass 2.01 released

For DSJ owners we have found and fixed the bug that some of you had with the unit freezing up when using the Bridge. Please download and install this latest version of Snowmass.

Sorry for the delay.

You will need a USB stick to do this.

Only the PIC code (display microprocessor) changed and not Ted’s brilliant work on the FPGA.

Highly recommended to upgrade.

To download go to our downloads section on the website.


Thanks Paul,
Product support goes above and beyond as usual. Glad to be part of this customer base and user group.
Enjoy your weekend

Thanks Paul
You and your company set the customer service bar at very a high level and should be an example to others.
I thought nothing would be done about this issue since it seem to be affecting only several owners of the DSJ. I should have known better so my apologies.
Btw, my rig consists of DSJ>BHKpre>BHK250 and I’m amazed by the sound and quality of your gear as well.
Thanks again.

Thanks Paul!

Excellent news!

DSJ owners, please let us know if this takes care of the issue for you.

My pleasure! Doesn’t matter if it’s just one person or hundreds, we will do our best to make the products fun and not a pain in the ass. We all hate it when stuff doesn’t work.

We’re family and families work together to get the best outcome for its members.

Simple as that.


I’m curious, what was the problem, how did you IDed it and what was the fix.


I had to go back to Yale again to install 2.01
Listening now.

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great. thanks. will upgrade 1st thing in the morning.


Like ccalderin i had to go back to Yale to install 2.01.
Now testing :wink:

Thanks PS Audio

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Went back to Huron (had the thumb drive from last time) then 201 took first time. Sound is still amazing to this old geezer. Streaming Tidal now for a test.
Thanks PSA

5 hours later mostly streaming from Tidal and still working as it should. Looks to be fixed.

Had to back track to Yale then the 2.01 took first time. I’m still unsure why we need to back track to move forward but its seems to be sorted now so I’m very happy. The sound is great. Thanks to all for the upgrades and the advice on how to get it sorted.

I loaded Yale first and then 2.1 - that is my preferred regimen for successful upgrades!

I upgraded from SM 2.0 to SM 2.01 directly without any issues.

Now the volume setting (for me: 90%) can be stored, the “bridge” (Menu View) shows correct information, and any button can wake up the DAC.


Updated this morning from Snowmass 2.0, no problems!

Upgrade from SM 2.00 to 2.01went through smoothly.

Update from Snowmass 2.0 to 2.1 directly with no trouble at all. Last time I have to go down to Yale and up to Snowmass :smiley:

I do know that nothing is done with the sound in the Snowmass 2.1 but in my stereo there is a huge difference :smiley:
Could it be so that I have had a bad update with 2.0 ?

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I am sorry, I am not sure I understand. Are you suggesting there’s a big sonic difference in 2,01 between the original Snowmass release? What are you hearing?