Octave internet radio

Paul mentioned in a new vid that he is currently working on an internet radio site…Octave Radio.
I’m listening…
Any ideas when we might see (hear) this?

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I use internet radio and listen occasionally to stations provided by two of the larger audio companies in the UK, Naim and Linn. These stations have been going for years. Both companies also have record labels. It sort of goes hand in hand.

I presume the Octave software will have radio. There is a new feature on Roon that takes the title information (if provided by the station) and provides hotlinks to the music in your music subscription service. No more searching! What an obvious and useful thing to do.

Octave Radio is now live. See today’s Paul’s Post called Octave Radio.

I was able to add this on my Innuos Zenith Mk3. Under Music, scroll down and choose Radio. At the bottom, click RADIO URL. Enter the URL (https://octaverecords.out.airtime.pro/octaverecords_a) and click Connect. Once it is playing, click the heart icon to save it as a favorite. The favorite was automatically named Airtime!

My HiFi Rose 150B was better. In the Rose Connect App, go to Radio. Click Add Broadcast Channel. Enter a Channel Name and Channel URL and click Confirm. It now shows up as a preset under UserChannel.

The Rose app shows the artist and song title. Audio format shows a mp3 16bits 44.1kHz 2ch approx 192kbps. I don’t know if the audio format is based on the streaming source format or what the HiFi Rose is doing with it.


I saw Paul’s Post this morning talking about this, sounds interesting but will be a week or so before I can try it, I’m in a “broadband free zone” right now. Also, seeing this thread I’m shocked to discover it was “announced” four years ago!

Yep works on LMS too giving me:

File Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192kbps CBR
URL: https://octaverecords.out.airtime.pro/octaverecords_a

No artwork though, or skipping of tracks like Radio Paradise does, but simple and it works :slight_smile:

Hopefully there will be some good music on it.

Edit - on LMS you can just navigate to the “favourites” folder and add a new one with name and URL.

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Obvious request - flac please!
Airtime pro broadcasting platform says it supports it, though doubtless the costs (bandwidth if nothing else) will be higher.

Thanks guys. FLAC coming but there are some technical difficulties with uploading FLAC files I’ve yet to work out. It’s not a cost thing.

If you have Roon you can now go to Live Radio in Roon and click on Octave Radio.

There’s cover art too.


Getting 44.1/24 from my Auralic Lightning DS into DSD MkII. Sounds great!

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I’m doing it the old, non-geeky way. Off my iPad, lightning to RCA dongle to the aux input on my GainCell DAC/Preamp.
Thanks Paul and Jessica and crew!

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Good luck with this endeavor, Paul.



Thank you, Paul!!! Works wonderfully as a Roon Live Radio service.

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Works in the Bluesound ecosystem, as well.

How’d you get it to work? I have a Vault and couldn’t find a way to load a URL.

Thanks! Give it a listen and some time. We’re still in its infancy, but it should help give you a different view of Octave Records and allow you to discover new music. Let us know!

Thanks, Palouse, what’cha think about what you’re hearing on Octave Radio?

Excellent and thank you for letting us know.

Great to see this. I’ve tried to access via Roon, but it keeps dropping out after about 10 seconds with message “unable to play this station. Its address may have changed or it may be temporarily unavailable.” Streaming over Verizon Fios (400 GB) to Small Green Computer running Roon connected to a Sonore Ultrarendu and then via USB to my SGCD. Other Live Radio stations work well. Any thoughts on what may be going on would be much appreciated.

Loving it. It’s great to hear such a great variety if music, some of which I own, and others that I wish I did. Jessica’s comments and fun-facts are so well done and add so much.

It is fun. I am not a playlist type, but am enjoying the exposure to lots of music.

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In the Bluesound Controller app.

TuneIn > Favorites > Add Custom Station

This is typically in the first section but you may need to scroll down the Favorites screen to find the Add.

Enter name (Octave Radio) and then the URL


Name can be anything

Press OK.

I tested this on both the iOS app and the Mac OS app - version 3.20.2 / BluOS version 3.20.52. Also, I’m not seeing album art in Bluesound, just a default TuneIn logo

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