Octave Music congratulations with Temporary Circumstances

I got the link to Temporary Circumstances from Scott like many others.

Absolute likes:

  • the music
  • the clearness
  • the presentation
  • the available audio formats, DSD download, SACD (hybrid), 12”, 45 rpm vinyl
  • everything works on the Octave Music WEB site and is intuitive
  • the story about the recording

Minor issue, hope it’s because of the iPhone speakers:

  • sometimes the piano is too much in the foreground, I guess that is the way it sounds live when the singer sits at the opposite side of the piano

All in all very positive. I will download the DSD files and if they sound good get the other formats too, so I have a full set of PCM (Será una Noche) and DSD ( Temporary Circumstances) high quality and good sounding music files to listen to and test equipment that I am anticipating to purchase.

However PS Audio: the limitation of 1TB SSD in the Octave player is not good!

I don’t want extra boxes in my rack and USB cables, neither do I even want to think that I am running out of storage when I invested so much money in a dedicated Music server.

Please consider large internal storage options.

Octave Music like this is very good.

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