Temporary Circumstances - did I miss it?

Temporary Circumstances was supposed to go on sale today, but now the webpage says October 15. Did the release date change or did I already miss the first preorder by checking at 7:30am ET?

Ha no, we are a little more prepared this time. We had to make some adjustments after the last CD release. It took much longer than it should have to process all of the OOTA orders. We are making some adjustments to our shipping process, and I’m guessing it won’t be ready until the middle of this month.

Glad to see the download option is back in the drop down. Looking forward to adding it to my collection. Would be nice if there was a discount for both download and disc or album


Glad it’s not me . . . . I went to purchase the download on Oct 1st too!
So, just to confirm . . . . Is the 15th firm for downloads?

@jamesh, how much bribe does it take for you to save me a copy come 10/15?

A customer a few years ago set the bar pretty high by sending me lobster tails and shrimp. Dry ice in a cooler box delivered right to my door. You’ll have to match or beat that to get my attention. :smile:

In actuality, our team is much more prepared for this launch. We will be doing things quite a bit differently so we shouldn’t have the delays we were dealing with last time.


Yes, sorry guys. Our ordering system is F’d up. On Out of Thin Air we’re having to handle every single order by hand even though it seems as if the system does it automatically (which it sort of does). We just didn’t want a repeat of that until the new shopping cart firmware is finished. The album’s amazing and ready to ship if only……

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when do you open the new octave records for sale ? It is the 15.

Now it says available 10/16

We are dealing with some speedbumps with the new shipping system. It seems to work well domestic, but international addresses are giving us some trouble. Should be worked out soon. I wouldn’t put any bets on the 10/16 date.

I just want the download, any chance they’ll open that up before the hard copies?

Not positive. My guess is they want to do the full release all at once, but that’s just my assumption.

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