Octave Release: Clandestine Amigo, Things Worth Remembering

Anybody order the discs…?

And, what are your thoughts on the music and recording?


Hi, I quite like Temporary Circumstances by Clandestine Amigo, so jumped at the chance to get the new album. Another good 'un. It is a mix of mellow, but with some verve. Great weekend listening (to my ears). We’re locked down here, so it’s nice to hear something a bit like what you might have if you went out.

I bought the download.

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I am enjoying the music and the song writing.

The recording seems to be a bit wanting however (I bought the SACD and data discs). In my system, there seems to be a general dullness to the recording - kind of one-dimensional; especially the voices. :man_shrugging:

I am going to have to give it some more listening time. Also going to go back and listen to the first release (also on SACD) and see if this is really unique to the recording or not…

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. Indeed, I love this album. Appreciate the kind words.

I’m really like this album! ‘The over thinker’ is my current favorite. Great recording.

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