Octave Records: Say Somethin' SACD/DSD

Another great release from Octave Records. If you don’t own these releases, what are you waiting for?

The jazz disc(s) by Gabriel Mervine is superb musicianship and recording, putting you right in the room. Not to be missed.

I now have 3 of them and they make me complain less about my systems. Feed your system great recordings and it will lift your spirits.

I started listening to the SACD and the DSD through my computer will be after dinner. EDT.


I have all of the Octave releases and I enjoy them. I also have the Audiophile set up disc and book from Octave.

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Did you find the set up disc was a help to you?

I have a small room and the disc was unlike several others that I have. It gave me an intuitive and practical way to position my speakers. I have Wilson Audio Sasha W/P’s and they are finicky. The tracks that address depth were new to me and the most effective at helping convey a correct location. It has 3, 6, and 9 feet. I knew I’d nailed it when I was able to get the depths as presented.


Thanks for the reply. I have a decent sized room 14 x22 but sit fairly close using the golden triangle for spacing. I seem to have plenty of space and depth to most recordings, and especially Say Somethin’ and Out of Thin Air.

Thanks for these kind words. Yes! Gabe Mervine’s disc is a sonic wonder!

I cannot wait for more of your discs, and did not notice sonic differences between my Yamaha SACD player and the DSD data disc out of my computer on this disc that “I thought I heard” before. AT nearly 74 I can get that it is me and not the music or format.

2 thoughts as the Math teacher in me is coming out: 1.) the noise level in the silence is -40 to -36 db with the mics open in the room. Not that it matters as the music is still presented well. 2.) I thought the PCM files sounded louder.

I am going to do some research and see at what freqs this noise is appearing and the diff in loudness only mater is you are comparing the two. the 24/192 files sound excellent as well. I am going to try and find a way to get a GainCell DAC by years end. I need that more than a DA-3000 Tascam.

Thanks for all you are doing. Jim T.

I did find that all of that “noise” is above 45khz and out to 75khz, the limit of my meters. It is NOT sitting below 100 hz or at the 60hz line power level so that is great. I am guessing this all the ultrasonic noise from DSD.
I certainly can’t hear it and it is not bothering my amps. I did have to back off my recording levels on this disc as it was recorded slightly hotter than the other ones. Still all below 0.


Jim T.

I downloaded Temporary Circumstances which includes 4 different formats. Is it possible to rip the sacd file to disc? I tried searching but most of the info coming up is several years old.

Does anyone knows that Octave Records is an already existing label launched 1959 and that it is a trademark ?

There was once an old Octave Records and they abandoned their trademark years ago, which is why we were able to pick it up.

Not at all, it was founded by Martha Glaser and Erroll Garner in 1959, dedicated to new Erroll Garner recordings (last one 1973) and they never abandoned their trademark. They even reissued their 12 records (once per month) remastered Thinking Martha Glaser could abandon something for free is not knowing the way she was lol

I did a quick search on the US Trademark and Patent Office website and there were 115 trademarks associated with the word “Octave”, none of them had “Records” associated with it. Regardless of what you say, it appears the “old” Octave Records did not trademark the name. PS Audio is not in violation of a trademark.

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It was Octave Music and it is a trademark. I don’t know the rules in the USA but in Europe it would not be allowed as there are to similar actvities (both issued musing)

Look at the bottom of the picture :slight_smile:
“2020 Octave Music Licensing LLC”

That’s none of my business. Just wanted to help a last time in case


Well, I can tell you with some confidence that this notation has absolutely no “Trademark” or “Service Mark” significance in the U.S.

But, maybe I misunderstood your point.


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You are certainly right.

Before 2020 was a p in a round and a c in a round

My post was just a pay attention everything is OK as

" In 1959, because he had rights of approval on what was released, Garner successfully sued Columbia Records to remove an album they had released without his permission.

His victory was the first of its kind for any American artist in the music industry. Garner and his manager, Martha Glaser, subsequently founded and launched Octave Records , whose 12 releases make up the Octave Remastered Series."

I’m just an Erroll Garner fan I’ll listen on my old portable K7 player

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Well, as you can see, PS Audio owns the trademark Octave.

Generated on:

This page was generated by TSDR on 2021-05-04 18:48:25 EDT



[Trademark image]

US Serial Number:


Application Filing Date:

Apr. 18, 2017

US Registration Number:


Registration Date:

Oct. 20, 2020

Filed as TEAS Plus:


Currently TEAS Plus:




Mark Type:


TM5 Common Status Descriptor:

TM5 Common Status image


The trademark application has been registered with the Office.


Registered. The registration date is used to determine when post-registration maintenance documents are due.

Status Date:

Oct. 20, 2020

Publication Date:

Aug. 22, 2017

Notice of Allowance Date:

Oct. 17, 2017


Great news. Now it’s time for me to say goodbye