Octave Records Dave Grusin Out of Thin Air

Received the Octave Records Don Grusin Out of thin air. Could not find the specs of the SACD disc and for the Data Disc.
For the SACD disc, am I to assume it is 24/96?
For the Data Disc, is the DSD file the same as the file on the SACD or is it at a higher resolution? Also what is the resolution of the WAV files 24/192?
Wish the specs were indicated like the 2L discs.

The SACD contains DSD64 files (dsf).

The data disc has both the stereo DSD64 files (as on the SACD) and 24/192 WAV files.

All SACDs are DSD64…

Thanks Speed for hoppin’ in here so fast. You’re exactly right.