Octave records single track purchases


Would it be possible to allow single track purchases? I would pay $5 for a single track DSD download - thoughts?

It’s nice that Octave allows the user to preview tracks and this could be a nice amendment to that so we can make our own mixes and save a little money. Also it would give you guys more granularity on the direction of demand.

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That would be awesome.

I’ve been thinking This too since they released Sampler Vol 3. I don’t care for all the Octave music. It’s just personal choice, and I don’t usually buy samplers anyway. At the Octave prices, I definitely do not. But there are some tracks on every sampler that I would like to download and are typically tracks that aren’t on another release. I would love to have either individual track options, like most other online retailers, or perhaps a “create your own sampler” option where one could choose 10-12 tracks at the corresponding resolution price of a typical sampler. I’d buy more music from PSA this way.

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