How about an Octave subscription?

I realize with rising costs and supply chain uncertainties, this isn’t the best time to implement something like this (or maybe even suggest it), but as an owner of every Octave release so far (including the Audiophie’s Guide), I’ve wondered if @Paul or the rest of the gang in Boulder has considered an option for a subscription service model. It would require some degree of regularity in scheduling new releases, for both the customer and the company to be able to determine their respective value quotient, and maybe Octave isn’t there just yet. But if they were, I think it might be beneficial to both parties - customers might get a small price break for committing to a year’s worth of new releases (or a fixed number of them, regardless of timeline), and the company might gain a committed number of units shipped that they might not have otherwise.


I mentioned the idea of a subscription in another thread a few weeks ago and @Paul responded that they were actually working on a subscription option. I think it would be awesome.


Ha! I knew I couldn’t have been the first.

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So here’s a few options from other stores:

Pay say $100 up front and get credited for $110

For every purchase get a $3 credit against future purchases.

First five purchases in a year full price, next 5 90%, next 5 80% …

I would be all in for a subscription to the Octave series. Anything to help the cause is good by me.

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Besides, I’d only have to “ask” the CFO for money once, rather than every few weeks or so :grinning:


I’m thinking buy one, get twelve free!

I like it. Subscribers get first crack at new releases.