Ohm 2000 Speakers

I’ve noticed some very positive comments re these speakers lately on Youtube.

According to the reviews, they are omni-directional and provide a super image and soundstage.

I’ve never heard them. Anybody auditioned them and have any comments about them?

A recent discussion:

I have the Ohm 5000’s and I love them. You can stand up and walk around the room and still have a good stereo image most anywhere. No head in a vise like with regular speakers. Just remember the size speaker is determined by the room size, including open areas into the rest of the house. All of the Ohm speakers sound the same in the properly sized room. Call and talk to John, the owner, and he will tell you the proper speaker for your room. Have the room volume calculated, before you call. He won’t try to sell you any more speaker than really need. Also, the speakers drivers should see each other, line of sight, ie, nothing between them blocking the sound. Enjoy!

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X2. I have 4’s from the early 80’s that had the speakers refreshed/updated about 8 years ago. I have a narrow very deep room (about 15 x 40 with a hallway and rooms opening off one side). Speakers are against the front 15 foot wall about 18 out from corner walls. Sounds the same anywhere unless you are seated on a sidewall less than 8 feet from a speaker. Even there, the tweeter from the opposite corner is directed more to your position. Great solution if you can’t set up a proper listening space in a living/family room.

They have me buying 70’s funk, Talking Heads, and Brian Eno, but Gillian Welch sounds just as good. On the Smithsonian Folkways Lucinda Williams “Happy Woman Blues”, you can hear the size of the room she is singing in, no matter where on the long couch or what chair I’m sitting in.

I haven’t had better speakers to compare them too, but doubt I ever will, other than someday maybe newer Ohm Walsh. PSA have unfortunately priced themselves out of my range against something I know works in my space.

Aren’t the 5000’s adjustable to any room size?
Curious what size room you have them in?


Room is 20’ x 31’ x 9’. 5580 cubic ft. I think that all the switches are set to the center position?

What amps are you driving them with?

I purchased a pair of Ohm Walsh Tall 2000 but wound up returning them. I did the research, read many reviews and forum posts in advance. I even sent Ohm photo and diagram of my listening room. I thought they would be a good fit for my mostly untreated room. Much to my surprise and disappointment, they did not best my previous monitors (Jade 3s) and sub (HSU) setup. I do have a somewhat odd room, hence contacting Ohm before purchasing. I spent two months tweaking placement and trying different cables. I really tried to like them. Biggest factor for me was the top end was way too bright, and they did not image as well as the Jade 3s. My observations we confirmed by a few others as well. The overall presentation was just not engaging. My kit is all PSA, maybe just a synergy thing.

Ohm was very responsive with communications. What really got me was they much later suggested placement position that totally would not work. But that is why I sent them photo and diagram BEFORE placing the order! So I was out cost of shipping them back. From what I can see I am in the minority.

Have since purchased Spendor A7s and pair of REL S/3s and am well pleased.

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Wyred 4 Sound 250W

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B&K Ex 442 Sonata Series for the Ohm Walsh 4