Walsh Ohm 1000 for TV room?

We are putting a small (roughly 12’ x 14’ x 8’) TV room together and I was thinking about getting a pair of Walsh Ohm 1000 for front L-R speakers. Source will be a Denon 4xxx AVR.
Anyone here have experience with these in this application?
Thanks in advance.

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I have a pair of 2000s that I retired into home theater, after running calibration of my AVR(A Pioneer), I have no complains. It doesn’t do anything special though like it does for 2 ch listening. It also lacks dynamics/jump factor when the program is calling for it. It has enough, but I’m sure these days there are cheaper options that do dynamics better than Ohms.

I don’t watch movies that much if at all with my HT setup these days. Just don’t care for it that much. So take that into account.

If I remember correctly, the only difference between 2000 and 1000 is 2000 is for a bigger space.

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I have a set of small floor standers that we used in the setup before we moved and maybe I will just put them back in service.
We dont watch movies at all and my wife mostly watches Hallmark and similar channels so it would only be for my curiosity anyway.
There is an Ohm dealer fairly close so maybe we will take a trip, look and listen.
Thanks again for the reply.

I think ohms really stands out as they are relatively easy to set up in terms of placement. Other than that, I think the hifi tech really evolved beyond that for more experienced audiophiles.

For the application my wife really would not care about the audiophile aspect but the simplicity in placement would be a help as she does not like to see speakers pulled out into the room. And the room is pretty small to boot. I do also have a small sub for that system once I get everything out of storage.
Right now Comcast is 90 to 120 days backlogged on new services so I have some time to ponder the setup. We are using a borrowed Starlink setup and watching internet TV for the short term.

If that is the case, you should give the ohms a try, they are suppose to be placed near walls.

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We will check them out. They might be the perfect solution to this setup.

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Silly isn’t it?
Before we bought this house I called them to make sure they had service in the area and specifically at the address in question. The replied “Yes just take your modem, router and plug them in to the cable. You should be good to go.”
When we moved in I found the cable coming into the house and hooked up the modem.
No signal. (It was an old Frontier cable)
I called them again. (Actually speaking to a human is quite a drawn out process). The nice support person said “Oh yeah, I guess there is service at the street but not at that actual house. We will send a service tech to investigate.”
The service tech showed up a few days later, looked around and said “We no longer allow drops that long so you will need a new service. It should be a week or two.”
That was in early April. The last contact I had the person said I could expect to wait “90 to 120 days for a new service.”
I was pissed but whaddya gonna do?

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