Ohm Acoustics omni-directionals

There’s just not enough commentary on Ohm speakers on the web from people who know to use the audiophile’s vocabulary.
So better ask here.

If you’ve heard any of the modern Ohm Walsh Tall speakers, PLEASE describe them elaborately (with accompanying gear).
From what I’ve read, I’m thinking the Ohm Walsh 4000 just might be the speaker of my dreams.
I love the idea of a practically unlimited sweet spot that’s accurate enough that (as the legend goes) allows a roomful of people to immediately, accurately pinpoint the position of the asked instrumentalist’s holographic position.

Since Ohm is custom-order, they can even do internal wiring and binding posts as asked.
I’m just not sure whether I should save enough money for the Super Walsh version with built-in subs… I guess for a true omni experience it’d be better to have them full-range in one package?

Post anything Ohm related thoughts here.


I’ve never listen to Ohm speakers, but they have always intrigued me.


That’s a common situation it seems. Ohms intrigue people, few own them.
The world is very much stuck in conservative box-speaker mode, hell, it’s 2020 and they’re still building boxes that cost hundreds of thousands just for people to sit with their head in a vice. Oh come on…
Yes I’m extrapolating but it’s somewhat like that.


I was ready to try them but I stumbled into a deal on another speaker, I could hear them play and went in that direction.

I’ve not heard them in years… here are a couple links on some discussion:


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I had Walsh 4s 20 years ago . in the right room the imaging was fantastic. Moved on to Magnepans for a while and just a few months ago got a pair of modern Ohm Fs: HHR TLS1s. i had wanted Fs since they came out and they sound great, and they better for what they cost. Ohms aren’t truly omni directional as there is a lot of stuffing in that can and they use a tweeter angled at 45 degrees. They sound very good for the money. you have to spend a lot more for mbl or German Physiks or HHR.

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These MicroWalsh’s were given to me recently. Love them for Surround. Meant to be hung on the Wall behind the listener. Not cheap by any means to buy new.

Ordered a pair of Walsh T-2000s March 30th - they just shipped yesterday, it took over five months from order to shipment. I ordered a Steller Strata last Sunday and it coincidentally shipped the same day as the Ohms, yesterday.

The Strata is scheduled to arrive this Friday and the Ohms next Monday - should have some early impressions by this time next week.

May order a pair of 5015s for a much larger room if these “hit the spot”.


Well, you can’t talk about omnidirectional speakers without mentioning the mastermind that is responsible for this speaker-type, which is Stewart (“Stu”) Hegeman of Hegeman Labs. He created the Hegeman Model 1’s which were the birth of omnidirectional speakers. Many designs followed, but Stu was the one who birthed this concept.

I have a pair of Hegeman Model 1 speakers that were completely updated/rebuilt. They are in a class of their own. It shocks me that a 70’s era speaker can bring this type of unique sound to my listening room. Unique it is. It really is hard to explain. The sound characteristic and sound stage is unparalleled. The notion of “sweet spot” is certainly challenged. The sound cannot be compared to conventional speakers. Some will love it, some may not, but I can say with absolute certainty that truly omnidirectional sound is in a class of its own.

Welcome, hardlyknow1!

Thanks Elk!

I noticed I missed spelled Stellar in my first post, nice way to start.

I bought used Ohm Walsh 4s, because unless I move I will never have a room good for imaging. One nearly 40 foot wall is almost all glass . The room is about 15 by 40, and the 4s and two REL T5 subs fill the space with sound. Sounds good at the table in the back of the room. It sounds as if the whole front wall is the soundstage. They are about 18 inches out from the corners, which is the only place I could put them without destroying the living room arrangement and getting rid of the love seat. Neither of which, I’m told, will happen.

I haven’t heard a lot of new high end speakers, but they blew away my large vintage Bang & Olufsen speakers.

I haven’t read much bad being said about Ohms, except notably comments about their crossovers being kinda “hastily thrown together”…
I contacted Ohm and inquired about their crossover components (I don’t care if they’re thrown together if the parts are good)

Apparently they use reasonably high quality components (“good enough”), but not Mundorf-level stuff even in their more expensive speakers. That’s alright, they’re not a super-high-end company but one that does its niche well.
However, what bothered me was that they won’t use those Mundorfs if asked (though they’re otherwise tailorable products down to internal wiring…), they refuse to acknowledge that a same-valued crossover component with different construction etc, would make any audible difference. “They”, well, that sales person at least.
If I’m having my Ohms with premium silver wiring and Furutech binding posts, they better make me some custom x-overs if I pay as much… Maybe they will anyway.

Yu can edit your past post at any time if you want to fix the spelling. :slight_smile:

I heard Ohms in the 'seventies and 'eighties a few times. The sound stuck in my head. When Decware began selling their Radial speakers I got in on those and had one of most of the models. Now I have two pair of their HR-1, speakers I love with both omni-directional and directional presentations:


Arenith . . . . To your direct question, I have no answer (sorry), but speaking of Ohm speakers . . . does anyone here watch the Amazon Prime TV series “Bosch?” The main character, Harry Bosch, is a jazz vinyl loving detective who owns a vintage McIntosh rig - classic tube amp, preamp, turntable, and the Ohm Walsh 4 speakers. The rig is often shown in the series. This is a great series . . . FYI!!


Just finished watching it (well, my wife watched it, I came in and watched chunks of it) :slight_smile:

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Hi Arenith,
To help get some context for me…which speakers will your
new Ohms be replacing…

The Ohms are really amazing speakers…please keep this thread updated…


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Agree with @davida , I was about to order a set of the 4000’s when I got a too good to pass on deal for my Focal 948’s, I’d love to hear thoughts on how they sound and a comparison which might be too much to ask for. If anyone does buy Ohms be sure to ask if he has any returns or orders that didn’t work out, he was willing to give me a nice break on them if I took them in a particular finish

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They would be my first plunge into high-end speakers and that’d be when I’ve saved up enough money. I currently have vintage Sansui ES-207 in use with electronics that are crying ( well, screaming) to drive something superb from the modern day.
The Sansuis are genuinely enjoyable and I love them, but obviously I can’t help but to think I’m listening with blinds on with a class-A dual-mono Electrocompaniet ECI-1 (peak current 80A) and a PD-1 DAC, all quality interconnects, etc. It’s a bit comical.

I also have modern JBL LSR308 monitors that I’m driving through the same DAC. They’re no match against the Sansui despite the ~40 year age difference, but I guess I’ve got a reference of what fairly resolving box sound is.

Just for fun I’ll post a perceived comparison when I eventually get the Ohms. Just for fun.