Ohm Acoustics omni-directionals

Would love to hear your thoughts after you get acquainted with the Ohms!

Just received a new pair of Walsh T-2000s and have them breaking in with a new Strata streaming Tidal. Sounds good so far but need a good break-in to really tell what I got.

I could tell immediately the sweetspot is much bigger than with normal box speakers and this is one of the things I’m looking for from the Ohms since they are in a workout/game room.

Will follow up in a few more days.


I restored a pair of Walsh 4s and upgraded them to 4.5s with the 5000 drivers. Ohm support is great, if a little slow. It’s a little company in Brooklyn. I have been there and talked to John, the owner and Evan. I called a few months ago and John picked up and I enthusiastically told him his 4.5s were sounding as good and often better than my other speakers. Of course, all speakers have their own voice.
I run zu omen, dahlquist dq-10 and quad 57s.
John said they used quad 57s to voice the bass in the Walsh speakers .
They’re great all around speakers and not room sensitive. Love the look, too.

I was imagining your comment in Yoda voice…
“Hear your thoughts, I must…yes…thoughts” :slight_smile:

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charliewilliamsdesign - When I ordered the Walsh T-2000s I was hoping to get something near the dahlquist dq-10s sound (at least how I remember them). Ironically, unlike the dq-10s, the first thing I noticed was their bass, so much so I moved them farther from the wall and am looking at putting bass traps in the room.

In fairness, I should not be commenting on how speakers sound that have maybe 4 hours on them. I saw your reference to dq-10s and just wanted to respond.

I find the dahlquist pretty bright and I run subs with them. The ohms are much warmer. My 5000 drivers have switches for highs and lows. If you really want some dq-10s, let me know. Fully restored.

Ohm 4.5
5000 driver next to stock 4000 driver
cabinet internals


I may be interested. How far are the dq-10s from southern California?

The Ohms are warming up and their bottom end is tightening up, they are sounding more and more like keepers. The front wall in the room where I put them is an inside wall and the other side of the wall has built-in cabinets that resonate with low frequencies - I have to figure out a way to dampen the low frequencies at the front wall. I moved the Ohms to 18" off the wall and that helped some, but the wall/cabinets are still magnifying/muddying the bottom end.

Just a 32 hour drive away. Drop by.

Rooms will drive you crazy. I got some really cheap corner bass traps on Etsy from Eastern Europe (less than $20 each). They took a long time to ship, but they are really nice and did make a difference. Also have some GIK 2" diffuser/absorbers and they helped on my back wall. Still have a left channel that never seems to have as much energy as the right channel. I also suspect my hearing is part of the problem.
I saw a bookcase that had been stuffed with rockwool - that might be fun to try.

I wish I could. Upgrading amps right now. The torture never stops.

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Can’t describe them, esp. in relation to anything else. I do all my listening at home; no experience with dealer setups or other audiophile’s equipment. I can say I’m happy with my Ohm 5s with the 5000 drivers.

I’m in SE Virginia; if you’re nearby and want to hear them I would be happy to host a listening session.


My Ohm Walsh T2000s and Stellar Strata have about 100 hours on them now. I have added bass traps to the room (will be adding more treatment) - and the sound keeps getting better. Both the Strata and T2000s are keepers for me. Considering the ease, simplicity, and relatively low cost of setting up this streaming hifi system for my workout/listening room I am very happy.

As others have said, a rather unique experience listening to omnidirectional speakers. The beauty of omnidirectionals is not only do I enjoy the sound - but I can enjoy the entire room. The sound stage and separation is maintained as I move around the room. Since the system is not fully broken in and I’m still tuning up the room acoustics, I don’t have a more in depth review. I will say at this point they have met my expectations and when done will likely exceed.

BTW Home Depot is offering the Auralex LENRD bass traps on sale for $265 for a box of 8 (less than wholesale price).

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