OK, decidedly non-audiophile but wow did this blow me away!!


Sister Rosetta Tharpe…grew up as a gospel singer in Southern churches and became one of the progenitors of rock n’ roll…these clips are from a performance she did towards the end of her career, in 1964, in Manchester. Kinda makes me wonder why I’ve been listening to anything else all these years. BTW the pianist (who is not shown) was Otis Spann, and the guy with her is the blues pianist/singer Cousin Joe Pleasant, who had just finished his own set.




Wow really good. A female BB KING Lol. What great showman ship. Good voice too.

Thanks for sharing


Really cool and I love the setting. When I hear “Trouble in Mind” I think of early Rolling Stones. This is close to the sound they were originally going for. Mick once said, (sic) “We were just trying to sound like Muddy Waters… and doing a really bad job of it.”


Yup. :slight_smile: I ordered a biography of her from Amazon - there is also a 1-hr show about her that you can find on youtube. She was the Real Thing, that’s for sure. And nearly unknown today…