OK, I get it, BUT, How Does It Work?


I popped this into the general bucket because it is probably the most important post thus far in explaining how certain stimuli are critical to our health.

It is a quick read article and will give some insight into What Why an perhaps How.

In a nutshell Science now proves that certain specific activities can and DO affect our Genetic structure.

This Dynamic process has a Direct effect on physical and mental health.

In this example they compare 2 test groups, [one just chilling and the other meditating] and tested genetic structure before and after.

So, in this case, this specific [mindful] type of meditation had a dramatic and measurable effect on the firmware that runs us.

Since none of us are able or prepared to spend a whole day on a cushion contemplating our navels, EVEN if it is good for us, there are other ways to trigger similar effects.


1/ listening to and playing music. [ especially genres that are new to us].

2/ learning a new language [ especially one that is very different from our own.

3/ Of course, mindful meditation


Follow a simple but effective mental exercise routine that can be done anytime, anywhere and that, over time, has a direct effect on our habitual reactions to external stimuli.

WTF, you say?

I will get back to that later but that is precisely what U of W is studying right now and are very excited about.

Here ya go.



G-man - note on terminology - it isn’t changing individual genetics, but is changing gene expression, that is, how genes are regulated. There is lots of evidence about how various environmental influences alter gene expression, some of which include the up or down regulation of genes as a result of physiological change, which meditation would of course influence.



I was hoping an expert would chime in.

I really want to understand this more.

A neuroscience phd and professor here at McGill explained it [ in lay terms] as something like switches that are turned on and off based on external influences but also by how we REACT to stimuli.

These switches are somehow also related to chemical production [ cortisol, endorphins etc] which directly impact health.

She is investigating the brain’s “filter” effects on visuals and her Her partner [ author of Your Brain On Music] is running parallel studies on sound. He is connected with Richie Davidson who heads this article’s research at U of W. I have been promised a dinner with them in the new year.


This is really amazing research and up there with neuroplasticity which is not even picked up by spell checker yet.

Davidson is doing measurement studies on “mindfulness” exercises that are easily incorporated into our daily routines that, thus far, show similar results to the long session practitioners.

They are funded largely by the U of Mass Medical Center as well as now other major Universities.

We live in exciting times and we should not miss them.



Here is a talk that includes a hint at the dynamic genetic effects.

Lots of others on the same page and all relating to his work with music.



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So in ignorant terms laying on the couch with headphones on and choosing music I never heard before is as good as sitting on a Mat with no music . Well i can do the couch thing good I am a pro. But why does my back and legs stiffen up with no motion? Or am I not doing it enough ? Lol. And who is getting paid to do this study , if I took a couple of scotches I could sit still for this. Am I being annoying enough to change the the good effect into bad?


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Elk said: Or we could just be honest and rename "psychoacoustics and cornflakes" the Meditation sub-forum, and keep it as a special supplement to "Off-Topc."

I thought that was an amusing remark. I think we should just have a sub-forum called "Gordon's Corner".

Elk said: Or we could just be honest and rename "psychoacoustics and cornflakes" the Meditation sub-forum, and keep it as a special supplement to "Off-Topc."

I thought that was an amusing remark. I think we should just have a sub-forum called "Gordon's Corner".

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