"Psychoacoustics and Cornflakes" GONE

After multiple “arid” requests, the “Psychoacoustics and Cornflakes” category of this forum has been restricted to SUBSCRIPTION ONLY.

Due to the dangers and possible life changes involved with these topics, namely possible Euphoria, Lowering of Medications, greater Insight and music appreciation, personal reflection etc, it is understandably stressful for some to navigate while in search for strictly Audio Chat.

If you wish to subscribe a simple PM to me will unlock the category and all will appear as usual.

My sincere apologies to anyone who has felt offended by these posts.


Gordon, there is no need to hide these posts. I doubt anyone was offended, certainly not I.

I suggest only that we have a true Off-Topic sub-forum. We need a spot for members to chat about non-audio related matters such as telescopes, meditation, thimble collecting - anything of interest to our brethren.

Your mediation threads publicly belong in such a forum. I am sure there are people interested. It also would be sad for new members not to have the opportunity to see them.

Agreed on all counts

Please also realize the mere disagreement with another’s position or view does not mean the writer is “offended.” Perhaps surprisingly, it just means he disagrees. :slight_smile:

Our society has unfortunately devolved to the point where disagreement is not tolerated, any expression of a varying viewpoint is taken as an insult.

Healthy discussion and disagreement is a good thing.

Has our Master of Meditation lost his mellow?


Wow I feel that way all the time , nobody agrees with me .

But I do see your point elk , as long as I do not need yet another password to yet another area in this website. But I do really like this place and the people here , all even the ones that I’m sure despise me are cool in my eyes too. I hope in my sarcastic responses I have not offended anyone I am really just messing around .

wingsounds13 said: Has our Master of Meditation lost his mellow?

He has taken his mantra and gone Om.

=)) =)) =))

Corner proposal i made is in retrospect too restrictive.


Maybe we should have been more enthusiastic when Gordon suggested an island getaway just for the boys. Perhaps a holiday for our hard working forum administrator? Don’t worry G-man we can keep the place tidy while you’re gone… >:)