Old guy, new to streaming wants to know why:

Why does Qobuz played via Audirvana sound better than just Qobuz?

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Youngish guy, relatively seasoned with streaming would like to know why as well.


Ron, how do you get Qobuz to your system directly? I don’t have a way to stream Qobuz without Roon or Audirvana (which I haven’t tried).

uuuuh–I stumbled to Qobuz, created a playlist which I named playlist1 and then I tap on it and it plays.

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So, it’s not my imagination?

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I’m asking what streaming device you use. I run a sonore streamer, fed with 75’ of fiber, as the only input to my system with a dedicated windows machine as a server for music files, Roon and JRiver. It’s RAAT or DLNA protocol only, I can switch back and forth. There’s no way for me to stream Qobuz directly, that I know of. I know bluesound does and other streamers. Since Qobuz doesn’t have a DLNA program (they have promised one for a long time), I have to use what I consider, an overlay program like Roon or Audirvana to stream Qobuz.

I once used a PC that was optimized for sound. I used the Qobuz app at that time. Then I switched to dedicated Streamers and Servers, one step at a time. Now I have the Macbook with Audirvana and it can do it all as well. Each step of the journey was very enjoyable. And yet each step offered better sound than the previous.

If I could, but I can’t, I would love to compare the sound I had previously to what I have now. How obvious would the difference be? I can tell you one thing for certain, the costs go up a much larger percentage than the benefits provided.

I keep thinking I could stop here but that’s BS.


I’m just using my Macbook Air laptop to my Pontus 2 DAC. It’s simple and it works.
Hardly audiophile but it sounds nice enough for now.


That ladies and gentleman is what we call stone cold honesty.

You are who you are Al, please stay that way.


The Qobuz app outputs at the machine’s set sampling rate. Software like Audirvana takes over the computer’s audio software and sets sampling rate to whatever the file is for each song.

Also, Audirvana and other such software prioritize the audio processes over others and at times shut down other processes that are deemed of no use or as negatively effecting audio process performance.


The Auralic Lightning OS sounds better with Qobuz than Roon. Roon sounds better then the lightning OS with Tidal. Audiophile problems.


Oh ye of no Signature Rendu SE! It’s awesome with Roon. :wink:

I may have to try the Pink Faun from the AA collection. The G2 doesn’t disappoint tho it just prefers its proprietary software for better sound. I wish it was more consistent with sound quality regarding Roon and Lighting ds.

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My belief is different pieces of kit / software packages all produce different analog noise patterns in the digital stream, affecting the analog audio sound in an unpredictable way, e.g by boosting certain frequencies, reducing others etc. it’s just so unpredictable.

I streamed Qobuz during my trial period no issue from my PC. I currently have Spotify and Amazon HD and some local files. (Trial expired but may go back as it sounded really well)

Do you guys see a benefit using Audirvana in this type of scenario? Looks like they have a free trail and it’s not that expensive.

I also have Qobuz on my Dell desktop that connects to P S Audio Direct Stream DAC via the USB cord. I am delighted by my set-up!
Maybe I should search for more! No Roon for me!

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One day we must compare the best from Auralic, Rendu, and Euphony to see which one comes out ahead. Of course, we need to block Al from attending.


Or ask him to be the judge. He has done a remarkable job training his ears.

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Al has already performed that contest and the Grimm MU1 is the current champion.


I will set my goal to MU1, generation 3 in the far future :slightly_smiling_face:

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