Old P10 or new P12?


Excuse me about my poor english.

Here in Brazil I found a P10 (new in a box) on dealer.

Since the old P10 and new P12 have the same price, is the new P12 better than the old P10? How I use single ended low power amps, the lower P12’s capacite won’t be a problem.

Someone compared both?

Any suggestion?

Best regards.

That’s a tough question because in some ways an older P10 is better than a P12 and in other ways not as good. For example, the new P12 has the benefit of the newer DSD signal source, improved amplifier structure which lowers distortion and improves fidelity and it a definite step up from anything we have ever made. On the other hand, the P10 has more energy storage, a much bigger transformer, and more output devices, which helps sound quality.

I wish I had a more definitive answer for you. If you can get a good price on the P10 I might lean towards that given you want to run power amps.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the answer.

I think the power amplifier is no problem for the P12 because they are single ended (8w / ch) and consumption of only 150W.

In addition I’ll connect a turntable, a SACD player and the preamp. A minimalist system with consumption of a maximum 300 w (probably less).

I think I will go to P10 (I got significant discount).

Thanks again.


I am planning to buy a PS Audio Power plant(either P10 or P12) in order to use it with Devialet 220 PRO(may upgrade to Devialet 440 PRO in the near future).

You have advised P20 on page https://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/better-than-the-original/. But I can not afford that. As far as I read, I see that older power plants do not perform good with Devialet amplifiers. You have said in one of your posts that “The older Premier would likely not have the peak current capability a modern Power Plant does and because the Devialet uses a low PF SMPS at its input would present a reasonable strain older Premiers would struggle to handle.”

When we consider that Devialet amplifiers use low PF SMPS at its input and may require 3000w peak current(short term), which one would you suggest considering the peak current capabilities of the products? The older P10(peak power 2000VA) or the newer but weak P12(Peak power 3600VA)? P12 seems to be the better choice for Devialets for me??