OLED TV Picture Improvement with P5 or P10?

Hi Guys,

A warm hello from London!. I wanted to know if there would be any noticeable difference to my current setup if I added a P5 or P10 to the source components and TV? I’m aware of the benefits to Audio Equipment but haven’t really seen anyone rave about the benefits to Video. My home AV consists of

  • Loewe Bild 7.55 OLED TV with built in 5.1 decoder
  • Transmitter 1 Box that accepts a 5.1 signal from the TV and transmits to the speakers below.
  • 2 X Beolab 18 Active Speakers for front Surround (Connected Wirelessly)
  • 2 X Beolab 18 Active Speakers for Rear Surround (Connected Wirelessly)
  • Beolab 19 Active Subwoofer (Connected Wirelessly)
  • Oppo 205 Bluray Player
  • Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242 video scaller
  • Apple TV 4K box
  • PS4 Pro for games.
Any help would be great. I did have a Furman Elite 16 Power conditioner which is the UK version of the Elite 15 conditioner and didn't notice any real difference in the picture quality.

I’m locked into the B&O audio system (and perhaps to my audio detriment ) decided to go via the wireless speakers route. The Wireless solution is from the WISA association that works on a special band in the 5ghz range. I am planning to have the audio come out of the Oppo 205 once I get round to it. I also want to change the power cables from the cheap ones that came with my equipment with a medium range set like these.

I have a Isotek power cable I had made for the furman so can use this as the main cable to the P5 or P10 potentially.

The guy I sold my Furman to advised me to look into getting a P5 or P10. I did some research and PS audio products seem to be well made and respected for the effects on Audio quality but wanted to see what the regenerators did for video?

I posted links to the items I have above to help explain my situation. I know this is a PS Audio Forum so hopefully this is not seen as advertising competitor products!

Many thanks in advance guys.

The benefits to the video image is clear! I replaced a class-D regenerator with a P10. The class-D unit improved my LCD picture quality significantly vs. direct to wall, the P10 took it to another another level beyond. I am stunned how good even lower-res like 720P upscaled by the LCD to 4K now looks.


I’ve just bought an LG OLED55B7V and the remote (whilst changing programme) fired up my P10 - I’ve had to cover the P10’s IR detector with insulating tape (it’s black on black so doesn’t show!).

The overlapping remote codes is a long-standing issue. And a pain.