P10 or P5. Noise on line question.

Ok I have found that using a P5 for my plasma makes a big improvement. So I did a post on another website. And I get told yes it does

But the switching PSU in my plasma will do harm to any audio connected to the p5. That switching PSU,s create noise back into the Ac power coming from the P5 . Now this of course drives me crazy to read. As I use this same P5 to power my cpu and the nas unites as well. Now this persons claims is the audio will suffer badly. Has anyone hear felt there was a negative effect when using the unit as I did . For me in the office I have a P10 and a P5. Any understanding of this would be greatly appreciated.




The sets of ports are separated from each other.

So, most of the listed items will contaminate back to the ac line but should not to each other.

Maybe a noise harvester built into to P-3/5/10 might be a fun upgrade some day?

Thanks Gordon I hope all is well with you. I emailed Paul , he replied as the sw, PSU,s do make noise on the line . But the output imp of the p5 /10 is 1000 times lower than a wall outlet . So the noise cannot transmit back on the line. I now own 3 P 10,s and one P5. They are really good. The improvement is it removes the noise in the video. It’s one thing to hear it but see it. Wow this is way cool.



I’ve been using a P5 and now a P10 for our Plasma TV too in our home theater system. The improvements that either the P5 or P10 lends to the picture quality is not subtle as you have found. Also there is an improvement to the sound of receiver-based HT system for DVD, BluRay movies too.

Thanks. It appears these units make an obvious improvement. And thanks