P12 or p15

I’m looking at either a P12 or P15. Plugged in to it will be a OLED, Denon X8500H snd Oppo 203 4K. I would assume the P12 should be fine. Or is a P15 the way to go.


It may help if you post the total load.

Ended up getting the P12.

What are your impressions?

Always been a fan of PS Audio. Tried out Furman for a while. Luckily my dealer took it in as a trade towards the P12. THD In runs about 4.5%, THD out is 0.1%. My Sine Wave has a nice flat top, with the P12 its where it should be. Currently have it sitting on my PS Audio Powerbase. Nkw its time to sit back and enjoy some of the movies Ive watched before to see if I hear or see a difference…

Hi htaddict,

I’m curious if you notice a difference watching movies. I was blown away at how much better the picture from my Epson 5030ub projector looked when I got my P20 in place. In terms of my senses, it had a bigger impact on the picture than the sound (and it had a very positive effect on the sound).


How would you describe the improvement in picture? I’ve experienced the improvement in an audio system adding a PowerPlant, but not video. Did it seem to make the image more believable?

In my case, it was an obvious difference in brightness which also caused colors to “pop” more. I was even able to use modes on my projector that previous were not bright enough or had good enough contrast. I also had a problem with the brightness varying, I’m not sure how to put it but the picture looked like it was “shaking” because of this, which was quite obvious with a white background such as when using a web browser. After putting the P20 in place this problem completely disappeared. It was much to obvious to be a placebo effect. However, I’m not sure if it would be as obvious or noticable with other technology such as LED or OLED.

I can definitely understand the effect it would have on a projector. Steady voltage, steady output. I can see the bulbs in my house dim as the voltage drops, especially during summer months. For me I got it for piece of mind. I want to ensure my system is getting the proper voltage with the least THD possible, so it can function optimally.