One Mic Recording David Grisman Quintet

This fantastic recording of the David Grisman Quintet was made with a one mic technique.


Is that omni directional?


Another great one here

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This is great. I’m a big Dawg fan. Many of his commercial recordings on Warner are superb as well.

There’s information on the ribbon mic in the credits.

me too.

i have a bunch of his stuff, jazzy, bluegrass… stuff with Jerry. So good.

Stereo ribbon in a Blumlein configuration. Similar to, if not the same stereo AEA mic Gus used for the rear channels of the Gruisin record. So - sorta like two mics in one spot.

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Such great talent!

As with the Trinity Sessions this is a multi-mic recording. It just happens that the mic capsules are in one case.

That was amazing! And the recording was unedited!