One Stop Thread for Non-MControl Options w/ Tidal Masters/MQA?

Hello. New user. I’ve been using Tidal Masters for some time now and only recently bought a PS Audio DS Jr. DAC/network streamer.

I don’t want to use MControl due to the requirement that the app demands access to numerous other smartphone functions (yes, I know this is somewhat standard - for example picture editing apps asking for access to your phone or contacts list) and I very much like the Tidal Windows desktop interface.

I also get that the only way to have the DS Jr. ‘unfold’ the MQA stream is via the Bridge and Ethernet.

So…is Roon my only option? If so, could someone point me to the right thread specific to setting up Roon with Tidal MQA streams for use with the DS Jr.?

If not, what else can I do such that I am actually having Tidal’s servers send the folded-up MQA file directly to my DS JR. DAC via Ethernet?


This isn’t answer to your question, but.

I tried the free trial of Tidal Masters. I was using SoundStream App on iPad. My DAC played everything I threw at it from Tidal. Nothing else required.