MQA via Mconnect


No MQA green or Blue sign from Mconnect to DS DAC with Sunlight and Bridge 2.
Any advice?
Using Audirvana Remote it works…



Hi Fabio,
It seems M-Connect changed and won’t function as it used to! So, I took a short cut and hopped on Roon bandwagon! Roon seems to be well integrated with Tidal and MQA both functionally and sonically!


Thanks for your reply. The fact is that i pay a subscription for Tidal…now i should pay another one for Roon or Audirvana :sweat_smile:.

Thank you


You’re welcome! Roon did enhance their sound quality in the latest upgrade, I went for a lifetime subscription and got a Nucleus! You can add an SSD to the Nucleus, and all is set!

I cancelled with Tidal last July. So, they offered me 12 months at half price without commitment (I pay monthly still). I could not refuse the offer!


This is the converdigital answer:

Thank you for contacting us.

The MQA decoding should be done in the audio device.
App delivers original music file as it is in encoded format.
Please contact the device manufacturer about the MQA decoding issue.

Best regards,

Conversdigital support

I had the same issue of not getting MQA using MConnect with a Bridge II. I sent my Bridge II into PS Audio where they did a free firmware update that enables MQA again. There is another thread where I learned about this firmware update.

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Thank you for your info.
I’ve been contacted by Ps Audio for arranging the solution.


Welcome @aned80

This is good to know!