Open baffle subs or stacking box subs

I was toying with an idea. A pair of triple 12" open baffle servo subs vs adding a second pair of JL Audio F113v2 subs and stacking them ( like REL ). Thoughts? Speakers are Magnepan 20.7’s.

I think one or two of the GR triples would be awesome if you had the room

For Audio I would recommend GR Research open battle servo sub kits. Even a pair of dual OB subs perform incredibly well. Of course the trade off is they sound best well away from the front wall.

For movies, you may be better off with one or more single servo subs.'F12G.html


Post pics of your open baffle subs!

GR Research Super 7 with open baffle subwoofers


Nice. Did you build the sub boxes and paint? Sanding? Shaping?

Since my woodworking skills are limited I had others cut flat packs of the cabinets for me. I glued, painted, and wired them up. I built the subs a few years ago. I tried various bookshelf speakers on top until early last year when I was able to build the upper sections while parts were available. Good thing too as they weren’t available for long. This particular design has been cursed with bad luck since its inception. The manufacturer of the planar magnetic tweeter and midrange changed hands and supplies ran out.

But it’s an endgame speaker system so it was worth the wait.

Here’s a short video highlighting their bass performance.
OB Sub demo

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