Open Baffle on the Cheap!

My final ever DIY Loudspeakers. A Tweaker’s Paradise (or Prison - depends on my ears or my friends’ ears). There’s a 30Hz rattle on the right side Speaker, but it’s fine at 40Hz.

Final cost all in : $600

Wood working has never been my Forte’ and Trim hides many many Sins. There are heavy as Hell (don’t have a scale though). I still have foam to install (maybe No Res from GR Research) along the shelves/braces.

Simple first order Butterworth on the Tweeters and a Linkwitz-Riley 2nd order Bandpass on the three midwoofers. It’s a little “chesty” sounding at the moment. 3dB fixed L-Pads on the either the Tweeter or Midwoofer’s made them sound a bit thin.

Phantom Center image is pretty good. Soundstage and front to back Depth is also decent. Crossover’s are 2500Hz, 250Hz. MiniDSP and a pair of ICE Power ASP1000’s from Parts Express help tune the Bass to my room.

Lots of tuning still to do on the Passive High Pass & Bandpass filters.


Excellent stuff :slight_smile:
Cheesy could be the tweeter hitting resonance below it’s crossover point due to gentle first order slope?
Or not :smiley:


I had to postion th Speakers straight out into the room and play with the Woofer phasing on the left side cause everything was favoring the right side Woofer. Also had to tweak the Crossovers again. Phantom Center Imaging with Open Baffle is tricky but doable.

Its a large Phantom center but Kick Drum/Snare hits are smack dab in the middle as I like. Bass like nothing I’d experienced before. And with some Sofa movement, 30Hz is present in the room !

Problem with OB Speakers is you really hear how good and bad your listening room really is :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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indeed, i don’t have the room to bring an open baffle far enough forward, it’s an appealing idea for diy though for sure :slight_smile:

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