Optical cable to try with new GSD?

Currently, I only have my new Stellar GCD connected to my Oppo 203 via a basic Blue Jeans Cable Belden coaxial cable. I had read that coaxial is better than optical, but now seeing reports that call that into question.

So, I think I’d like to try optical so I can compare for myself. Can anyone recommend an optical digital cable to try to outperform my basic coaxial cable? Thanks!

I use a Lifatec glass optical cable, and whenever I’ve compared it to other similarly priced plastic fiber or glass Toslink cables I go back to the Lifatec, which seems very natural and uncolored sounding in my system.



Thanks Ionson the site looks like a supplier for DIY people.

Sysconcept 1300 strand 24/192


Except for my bi-wiring speaker cables (those are DIY), all the cables in my system are the solid, dependable and beyond affordable Chord Company’s. For optical I use their Optichord and for digital coax it’s the Clearway.

Is anyone able to get as high as 24/192 with any of these cables?