Optical hookups

Anybody done any experimenting with optical cables? I replaced a cheap Toslink cable (plastic) with one made of fiber optic spun glass. Wasn’t a nite and day difference, but definitely was an improvement.


I originally used a cheap Monster Cable toslink cable that sounded mediocre. I tried a Audioquest former top of the line Optilink 5 and it blew me away how much better it sounded. I guess polished quartz fiber sounds better than polished plastic fiber.

i have owned the WireWorld and AQ Glass optical cables and recently upgraded to DH Labs…Best of the 3…

I use a brand new Atlas Optical Element, on my 16 bit 44.1 kHz Technics CD SL-P477A from 1990 to my SGCD. I am having a ball when I hear how this set up gave the pressures CD Player a second life.

Thanks to all for their reports on optical, since I want to learn more about its use. Ted has commented in several places about his use of optical. I will go back for a review.

I’ve had great results with a Wireworld SuperNova 7. Made a significant improvement.

I should have said … “made an improvement over an Audioquest Forest and Cinnamon.”