Opticalrendu preliminaries

Just received the opticalrendu 2d ago. I can say that this implementation of optical isolation is top notch. Cymbals have taken on a new level of clarity. Currently I am running the Rendu straight into the DSD Sr USB and this by far is the best USB input I have had in my system. Later I will try it via the Kitsune SU-1 DDC into i2s and see if there is any difference. I will tell you that the uptone LPS 1.2 will only work with the opticalrendu if the USB 5v bus draw is negligible- so far it works with the opticalrendu when used with the DSD Sr.


LPS1.2 does not like the SU-1- too much current draw- switched to another 7v LPS I have- deets to follow.

Seems interesting to get all the noice and ground loops away (theoritically),but also pretty expensive route to change ethernet to optically isolated. Is it worth it?
Quess some will chime in later as this just came available recently.
Maybe there is possibility to get a switch that has optical connectors,Uptone Audio’s soon coming Etherregen or Sotm…and get better sound than well addressed normal ethernet installation can do? Always something new to tinker…:grin:

The OpticalModule will be available soon, currently running a Trendnet switch with SFPport and 5v LPS. After 48h of listening, the music is incredibly clean, negligible sibilance, with great separation and dark background. I think they have a winner here!

Audiophile5 quick rundown.

I will tell you that it sounds better than my previous FMC-FMC optical setup and simplified my setup. John Swenson of Uptone designed the Ethernet side of the opticalrendu BTW. Yes it’s more expensive but currently it may be the cleanest signal out there- so far…

Once Uptone finishes their Etherregen i quess its time to get it and OpticalRendu. They should be perfect match and possibly lps1.2 has enough juice to drive Etherregen,Alex was not sure yet for the final results.Anyway i think its my future plan to get them. As happy as I am now with Aqvox switch and good ethernet cables,there is always room for improvement :sweat_smile:
And yes,it really looks like a winner,no doubt! I bet there will be huge improvement over Trendnet once Etherregen is in place.

Taking the :eyes: plunge–
opticalModule x2 (Jameco 5vLPSs for now)>.25m c8 ether> ultraRendu (>ultraDigital>I2S).

Just picked up the ultras a few months ago (:heartbeat:), so the opticalRendu was not an option… at least not yet!

Sonore opticalModule thread on AS/Post 223:

And the etherRegen is hopefully very close to release date.


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WOW! Stacking 2 opticalModules between my non-SFP port switch and the ultraRendu
( >ultraDigital>I2S DSDAC) sounds amazing! Improved clarity/articulation w/o increased sibilance, clean/tight bass, … yes, it does sound like another veil is lifted. Did an A:B:A:B between old and new configs to confirm my impressions. IMO, the digital to digital conversion (DDC) to and from fiber is a legit SQ bump. :+1:

Optical requires electrical/light convertors and light tight connectors at both ends, each subject to introducing errors/distortion. So unless you’re running very long distances (where glass optical cables are recommended but rare and very costly) or you have a rat’s nest of cabling and actually suffer from RF/EMI interference, I don’t see the advantage.

There are three types of errors/distortion we worry about with digital transmission. The data, or bits themselves, -with basic current technology (electrical/light converters or no), data arrives over ethernet intact and we can test to show that. The timing of that data -ethernet is reclocked at each regeneration, the data is unpacked at the termination, and reclocked into DSD, PCM, or whatever. Using electric/light converters along the ethernet chain (with basic current technology) should not introduce digital errors/distortion as long as the data arrives intact and we can test to show that. Electrical “noise” (RF/EMI, ground loops, and high frequency artifacts created by the computer, power supplies, and ethernet processes along the way) -can enter the DAC and affect it’s internal clocks and analog processing. Adding an optical conversion along the ethernet chain breaks the transmission of this electrical noise. What remains is the need to control the transmission of noise downstream of the final optical conversion -this would include the noise generated by the converter itself and its power supply.

The good news is that it is very inexpensive and fairly easy to try to see if it makes a difference in ones own system before investing in optical converters and power supplies designed to minimize noise.

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Sonore opticalRendu & Signature Rendu SE Optical Review on AS.

Now have the Optical module feeding the Opticalrendu both with LPSs. I’m digging this setup feeding straight into the DSD Sr USB. Will try later into my Kitsune tuned Singxer SU-1 DDC into the i2s input. Feeding the setup with an i7 sonic transport with Roon and HQPlayer. This is a fun and crazy hobby, but I may have gotten off the merry go round.


Still having fun with this setup- but the EtherRegen is tempting

Took the Uptone eR plunge about a month ago;

Router > oM > eR (via SFP) > 0.5 ft cat 8> uR > uD > I2S DSDAC.

The eR was a solid step up, inc clarity w/o harshness, more mid presence, tighter bass. Total SQ win.

It’s a hot little sucker though… I popped a couple heat sinks on top of the case. Plan for good air flow.

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Switch > ER > OR > Matrix > 12S DS (ER/OR/Matrix Powered using LPS and Matrix using WW platinum)

ER + OR is a sold upgrade for me. ER distinctly improves SQ. I have connected my NUC to ER too… I can see bit more crispness in music when both NUC and OR are connected to ER.

ER is simply amazing. Have been using it for 6 months now.


Today I received my Optical Rendu for Roon. They had a package deal over the 4th of July holiday.
I was able to get opticalRendu Lite for Roon Only - 7v Linear supply (120v AC) + 1m fiber + Media converter for $999. It’s a huge improvement over the MicruRendu set up.

I have a tower Acer Intel Core i5 going to my Fios router with Ethernet. Then Ethernet going from my Fios router to the fiber media converter. Then Fiber going to the opticalRendu Lite for Roon Only, then Audioquest USB to the Sonore Ultradigital, then I2S to my Stellar Gain Cell Dac.

My wife said it sounds like Hank Jones (piano player) is in our Condo. It just takes everything up a significant notch. I think I have the Roon DSP upsampling dialed in. Learning more and more all the time with this hobby.
I love the way my system sounds now!

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