Uptone Audio EtherRegen in Development

Uptone is designing a new switch with built in SFP optical bridge connecting to single clean output Ethernet. Let’s see how this develops. Target release is sometime in summer around $500 ballpark.

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It was only a matter of time

SoTM is doing one too. Wonder which one will come out first?

In this vein, I had a left-over 100Mbps copper to optical transceiver pair (FMC) so I tried it to ‘isolate’ the last connection from switch to DirectStream. Didn’t notice any change in sound.

I put it back in storage and nearly forgot about it. Pulled it out the other day and placed it upstream from the switch that feeds the DS and have noticed a subtle but positive change.

If one location in the network doesn’t do much, try elsewhere.

One thing that is counterproductive to Ethernet isolation is these off the shelf FMCs are not designed for audio purposes. It’s the equivalent of instead of getting a USB Regen, we clean up USB via a usb hub from amazon intended for business/commercial use.

Also, there are switching regulators in the FMC that add noise, and unless one invests in a good LPS, the power supply isn’t doing anybody any favors. I use modified FMC’s from SoTM but these are still not the best option since they aren’t designed from the ground up to be clean.

The best way to utilize an FMC is to use only the receiving FMC on the dedicated line of your audio equipment. Having the switch, and two FMC’s all plugged into the same power strip still allows AC leakage currents to go all over the place and is counterproductive. @brett66 not claiming you have done this, but just highlighting setup is not 100% straightforward.

I’m curious about the SoTM but the EtherRegen is putting more emphasis on 1 clean port output for audio, which is where all the money and expensive parts are going. Special emphasis on isolation, voltage regulation, clocking, etc…

From first glance, the SoTM seems simpler with each port being the same.

EtherRegen is targeting $500 while SoTM I believe is $800. All before power supplies :wink:

These certainly are not designed ‘for audio’, just Ethernet.
My ears/brain tell me I’m getting something I prefer (today) in their current position, even if its a different noise. I’ll pull them out of the circuit in a few days and see if I recognize a difference. If the noise rejected by conversion from one medium to another is ‘worse’ than the noise added by the the DAC side converter, its still a positive.

I believe I paid $25 for the pair a few Moons ago for temp data need and had the single-mode fiber patch already, powered by an Apple 2.1A USB wart. I do have a cheap linear 5V I could try but I doubt it would matter. I won’t spend $500-800 on a tweak of this magnitude, though I certainly am able, just not willing.

All that said, more power to the companies that successfully create and sell to those that are willing to part with the money.

In my experience the smps warts they ship with add an edge while my Jameco linear wall wart is smoother.

EtherRegen update;