Optimum Headphone impedence / sensitivity for BHK Preamp

Hi Everyone,
I have a BHK Preamp. I want to get some decent headphones for late night listening
The existing cheap headphones i have have an impedence of 47 Ohms @ 1 kHz
The sensitivity is quite high at 104 dB / mW resulting in me only needing a volume of around 20 for them to be plenty loud enough.
With these new headphones i would very much like to run my volume control around the 50/60 mark as i do for speaker listening
Do i need to get some headphones with a higher impedence ? or is it the sensitivity that matters ?
Cheers Mark

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Focal Clear would be a safe choice. headphones.com has them $500 off as they as being replaced by a newer Clear MG model. 55 ohm.

You could always add an outboard headphone amp.

Specs for BHK preamp from manual below.

I use the BHK pre with the Clears and can confirm they are a great match. However, the loudest setting I use is about 30-32 (most of the time 28 is sufficient). I spent a little extra to get the Dekoni Audio perforated leather ear pads. The Clears in this setting had the right balance of detail without fatigue yet plenty drive and excitement to make listening fun.

I have also used it with the LCD-2f which to my ears sounded too dark and closed in. Ended up selling those to pay for other upgrades. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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