Ordered New Speakers!!!


Very excited just ordered the brand new ProAc D30R… it’s the little brother to the D40R, which are just too big for both my room and budget… should have them in a few weeks… VERY excited… The D40R I listened to a while back were just killer… I’m hoping for the same but in a little smaller package… and since I use them with a REL sub I’ll have all the bass I need…http://www.proac-loudspeakers.com/html_files/Speakers.php?Range=Response&Speaker=ResponseD30


Very nice speakers! Congratulations!



Send pics and observations when you get them so we can live vicariously :smiley:


SWEET…!!! =D>



I have allways liked those and heard them with the Cary SLP05 and CD306 - very skillful.

Have also drooled on the Carbon series before I bought my new open baffle speaker (no going back, now).


Very exciting, indeed.

I have been toying with the idea of buying new speakers. Speaker technology has been developing quite quickly in the last five to ten years.

I’m sure you will be exceedingly pleased.


I ordered mine in maple so I’ve got to wait a few weeks for them to arrive but I’ll certainly post about them once I get them…


Worth the wait. Proac does great veneers.