New Proac D2R

Did anyone hear this at AXPONA? Opinions? Dealer told me it is the best speaker in the world now bar none LOL. I doubt I would go that far but wonder how it is. Seems nice, price is fair considering what is in it…

Really? It’s certainly no Sonus Faber! LOL

Are you sure that dealer didn’t say in HIS world…? :joy:

Ron, that is the funniest thing you said tonight! No kidding.

Kyle, are you kidding? Sonus Faber went down the drain as discussed in other threads. They have went after a different audience now. No more Uber high end speakers. 6 years ago I would have fully agreed. Sonus Faber is still okay for the price but the days of “last word” speakers are over as of now. I have the Ex3ma and they are incredible with old Richard Lord Stadium REL sub. It does not get much better than that, and they are Standmount! They make nothing of the sort now. Even though those were a limited edition even for them at the time. They are insane quality. Sound and build.

I bet the Proac is not even close to the Ex3ma or my Amphion Argon 3(not ‘S’). ‘S’ ruined sound and is much less expensive to boot. I bet the Proac holds a candle to neither. The Sonus Faber because $$$. The Amphion because incredible value. At the time of their production many said best standmount under $15K. Proac is $3,700 and I bet you are hearing every cent of it as is and no more. Indeed, his world. Funny thing is he was a SF dealer when they made Half Million Dollar speakers. He is no longer. Mostly off name stuff. Proac is not off name but not a well known one, I kind of doubt they play with $15K speakers. In fact I bet they do not beat most $5K speakers unless those suck.

I was just interested because of what he said but I bet Ron is correct.

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2channel, yes, I was kidding! I saw your post! That’s why I said LOL. Although, those Proacs don’t impress me at all.

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This demonstrates why proclamations like “this is the best speaker in the world, or best cable or best ham sandwich” is just useless hyperbole.
Saying “this is my favorite speaker, etc, in the world”, well that’s a statement worthy of exploration.

While the D2R is an excellent loudspeaker it of course not the best speaker in the world and I doubt that Stewart Tyler would have said this, too. On the other hand this speaker has the ability to grow with the electronics used wi´th it. It is certainly worth to give it a try.

That ribbon is harsh.


My one and only attempt to audition a Proac anything was at one of their local B&M dealers. I was told by a ying yang sitting behind the counter who had to pull out his earbuds to come back some other time to audition them. The shop was empty btw. I was clearly intruding on his time. There will never be Proacs in my listening room unless and until Proac exercises more discretion in who represents their products. Straight up!