ProAc D48R, And Moving to a New Space

I used to hang around here way back in the days of the original Perfect Wave… I like the crew here even if I don’t have any PSA gear…

So my life is taking another turn. After 36 years most good, a lot not, I’m getting a divorce. Fortunately it’s mostly amicable. Of course being an audiophile I bought new speakers. I bought ProAc D48R, in rosewood back in January but didn’t get them until the beginning of May. They were going too be my endgame speakers. Of course they’re to heavy for me lift myself and they won’t fit in my car.So I decided that it might make sense to sell them and get something I can move and that will fit in my little Audi. I got very lucky I bought one of the last 3-4 new pairs of Dynaudio Heritage Specials! I’ve already got a REL S/510 so I expect it should sound great in most normal sized rooms and best thing is I can lift them!

So I’ll be around and try to contribute what I can to the fun discourse


Welcome, @erikmi !

The ProAcs and Dynaudio, you picked nice speakers!

Welcome back, Eric!

Thanks Tony

The ProAc’s were my endgame speakers. Funny how life makes choices for us.


The best plan is don’t have a plan.
Or at least be ready to quickly change direction and accept the outcome.


Thanks Baldy

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