Oscar Peterson and Oliver Jones

I was blessed to be present at this concert. Blew everyone away and many in tears after some songs.

This is called “Walk softly but carry a really big stick” and I don’t mean the name of the tune.

I’ll try to find some more from this show.


Different show but I do love the way he romances this song.


A younger Oscar kinda makin" it up as he goes along.


Thanks Gordon. Oliver Jones is an unsung hero in jazz and makes very fine music. The Jones and Peterson connection is well known. I believe there is an Underground Railroad connection there too - will check on a ref to that tomorrow. These two are a big part of Canadian / American jazz heritage. If you don’t own a copy of Peterson’s We Get Requests do find one now. Gordon offers a money back guarantee you will be happy you bought this charming album that will cure you - at least temporarily - of all cynicism.

Both wearing in the first vid the lapel pins of the order of Canada, btw.

David said: If you don't own a copy of Peterson's We Get Requests do find one now.


A wonderful album.

Hope you also have “Night Train”.

Here’s a taste.

Unfortunately my copy of “we got Requests” is on a beat up old LP. I have been waiting for a HD Tracks version to buy.

I did get Night Train on HD and it sounds very good.


Gordon said: Hope you also have "Night Train".

Yes, along with "The Jazz Sould of Oscar Peterson," "Oscar Peterson & Nelson Riddle," and the four volume set "Exclusively for My Friends."

How about Oliver Jones [a local MTL boy].

He does not have many CDs. I have a live recording of him @ “Biddles” here in MTL.

My buddy Slim Williams [Pondorosa Studio] has played with him a lot.


Night Train is a must in any jazz collection. A perennial favourite.

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Nice of you to pose with the album.

You look a little “stoned” today. =))

Since we’re on piano here is another of my favorite players. Also interesting sound given the probable I-thing recording it.



Okay smart ass, guess the origin of the figurine. :-"

Oh, it wasn’t you?


The stone looks volcanic or quaffed by the sea and the figurine inspired by central or South American art or South Pacific but possibly not done there. Makes me think of Easter Island a bit.

Workmanship is simple, crude and nice so that rules out most of Asia. The nose indicates indiginous craft.

My guess… a Peruvian or Samoan pawn shop? Or maybe you stopped off in Tahiti on the way home?

You were close Felix, it’s from Korea… :)) :stuck_out_tongue:

Gordon said: my favorite players

do you have the XRCD or did you find a download?

Those look like my VTL TT25s in the background

I have some XRD that I converted with PS3 some years ago.

I have been anxiously awaiting for more of their stuff to show up in Hi-rez but HD tracks has only 2 so far as I know, and they are the same ones I have had on both JAP LP and CD.

I think I mentioned, some time back, that I met him and his group of that time and shared an interesting sushi eating contest with them.

Early Eighties so he was just beginning to garner International acclaim.

I wish I still had the contact info to beg for master tape material. They were great and I did have the chance to enjoy them at a small club in Harajuku.


Not close enough. I would not have guessed Korea but I do suspect a recently made piece[ last 25-30 years] rather then an interpretation of a classical era piece.

I like it in it’s simplicity.

Asian art is ofter “over-thought” and over detailed.

OK Piano…

Who would I give the Nobel Prize for stimulating innovation and improvisation in piano and music in general?

For me Keith takes the cake! Koln Concert being a definite highlight but there is much much more.


Did Beethoven improvise?

I bet he did. Too bad we don’t have HIS tapes.

I think he would have enjoyed this concert.