Outer Record Sleeves - Adhesive Flap or No?

For those that store their vinyl in outer sleeves - do you prefer the sleeves to have a flap with adhesive or just open on the ends? Mine are for the most part just open on the ends, but I do wonder if having the flap to close it up might be better or might it cause moisture problems? Thoughts?

I have found the flap to provide no value. And it’s a nuisance. Just use excellent inner sleeves and insert with the opening facing upwards.


For the most part, I prefer no flap as it is easier to pull the inner sleeve & album from the back where I store them; for some of the nicer albums (maybe 1/2 dozen or so that have high value) I do like the flaps as it adds an extra bit of protection.


I immediately get rid of these annoying wastes of time, though imagine they keep slightly more dust out.

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Flaps work very well for this guy.

My most recent purchases came from “Analogue Studio” and I was quite happy with the purchase. The other was from a brand called “Record Rescue” - not quite satisfied with the product.


I use and prefer the adhesive flap when using mylar outer sleeves. No moisture problems, of course I make certain LPs are dry prior to placing them in a Mofi or similar inner sleeve. I do the the flap and the adhesive keeps things in place which I prefer. The adhesive can be a nuisance when removing the LP and care must be taken regarding open sleeve placement. It comes down to personal preference as there is no one correct answer. Try a few and see what you prefer. I had listed Blake sleeves on a separate thread, and if yo ask I’d like to thnk they would provide a handful of samples for you. Also, mention the Blake Sleeves discount for either a 10 or 15% discount. They offer various sizes and feature, so I’ll leave the exploration up to the curious consumer:

Blake Sleeves


I place my inner sleeve in the outer jacket so the LP will not roll out accidentally, and the LP in a outer sleeve likewise, again so things don’t inadvertently fall out.


It was your post that got me thinking about this. I have always used open sleeves with the open end up. The reason I haven’t used any with the flap is because I did try some a few years ago, but they had the adhesive on the flap which made them difficult to use. The brand you mention has the adhesive on the sleeve which would be much better. I don’t remember the brand that I tried before because it was several years ago.


Open ended sleeves minus the flap. Over time the adhesive becomes fouled with dust and other contaminants so that it no longer stickes. It becomes nothing but an annoyance after that.

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Suddenly something to think about at my age…


No flap.

I used SleeveUSA outer record sleeves for years, but they could not keep them in stock since COVID started. I switched to these sleeves and I have been very pleased with them.

When they are on sale, they are about $18 a package with free shipping.


No flap, and recently no outer sleeve at all. There just a hassle. It’s not like my LP’s are in the cabinets incessantly rubbing up against one another like two teenagers. I figure when I go to sell them, the few dollars I might lose for a slight bit of wear isn’t worth the hassle of the outer sleeve.

I take the same approach as @RonP , I use MoFi inner sleeves and then have 140 Micron UV protective outer sleeves by Vinyl Guru which I’ve found to be excellent, but they’re sans flap, just open ends.

I have a couple of the MOV soundtrack releases which are under their “At The Movies” series which are more premium copies, they come in a heavyweight outer sleeve with adhesive flap and I find it a pain to get them out as the cover gets stuck on the adhesive. I chose to swap out their cover with my own due to this as it kept messing up the cover with residue and was just frustrating.

Thank you everyone that posted a reply. Reading various opinions and solutions is always interesting and informative. Probably going to stick with my current practice of using out sleeves without flaps, but can certainly see how in some situations and fully sealed outer sleeve would be beneficial.

I had no idea that there were actually gatefold sleeves out there until I saw the latest youtube video from The Vinyl Attack! channel. I’ll have to check these out.

Gatefold Outer Sleeves