Over protective of gear

I have a tendency to be protective of gear given the fact that it’s a pricey investment. So I’ve been wanting to remove the transparent protective film on top of my Directstream DAC, but I haven’t.
Mostly because it’s barely noticeable where it sits on the shelf. Part of me wants to remove it, but I don’t. Maybe in 2019 :blush:

I removed mine from day one. Just seemed like the natural thing to do. Looks great.


I left it on as well. I do not see the tops of the units. There is thus no upside to removing the protective film.

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Depending on the gear, and heat generated, leaving the protective film on can hinder its ability to dissipate heat. It essentially acts as an insulator between the air and metal cover. Generally there will be instructions in the user manual advising the removal of the film if such a condition exists.

I removed my covers as soon as i opened the units. I want to enjoy their beauty instead of saving that for the next owner, should there ever be one. Reminds me of the plastic covers people used to put over their beautiful couches.


Ha! Thanks for the memory. I had an aunt who had her entire living room covered in “bespoke” clear plastic covers, including the lampshades. And still, we were not allowed in there. She was a peach, though and she saw the humor in it.

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I you don’t remove the film you may end up with sticky residue leaching out. I’ve had electronics that I forgot to peel when I’ve installed them and goo-gone barely helped when I tried to remove them.

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That would be a mess. Fortunately this is not an issue here.

BTW, the top of the DSD isn’t metal.

Growing up in a working class Italian American family in steel towns western PA, Eastern Ohio… I spent my youth sitting on and stuck to plastic covered chairs and couches… sucking on tooth-breaking awful Jordan Almonds, and tasteless torrone nougat candy. Obviously, I am scarred.

No plastic coverings on anything for me. I purchased it to use.

Bruce in Philly


It’s like buying a new car, and putting seat covers on…saving the seats for the second owner…:sunglasses:

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Unless, like me, you cannot see the tops in any event.

Then it is like leaving the bottle of wine unopened until you actually plan to drink it.

Bootzilla…we need a poll. Cover or not…

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I just leave the covers off…



You may be the only one.

Yeah but he probably gets his stuff for free :^ /

As noted by eldrick, the cover is not metal, it is MDF with a very nice painted surface. I’ve left mine on and there are several “indentations” from the various things that have been stacked on it over the last four years. If I peel the plastic away, no marks! Thus I leave it on.

POLL: DS Top Cover Transparent Protective Film:

  • I Left it On.
  • I Took it Off.

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Maybe a “I took it off and regret it” category! Sounds like a spring break issue…

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I took it off. But I keep the cloth bag it was wrapped in draped over the top to keep the dust off of it and protect it from marring.